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  1. all for a 20 year old gearbox that's hard to get parts for. Save your money and buy a sequential
  2. hey fellas anyone tell me off hand what the thread is for the Oil feed? I need to order the adapter to fit my -4 line to it, but I don't have the turbo on me.
  3. this is true..... it actually made 775kw when we said stop...... 775kw sounds really impressive 🤣
  4. I had a normal Prp brace on a 500kw setup with a 9180 on it. 2.8 stroker, little cams blah blah Thrashed the hell out of it - Cracked the block. Now I got a N1 block with the fully intergrated Prp steel brace, same 2.8 crank - rods - slugs, massive cams 292s blah blah makes over 1000hp and don't thrash it just give it a hit here and there, things going strong as no dramas at all. I reckon it comes down to how you drive it, and cly pressures to be honest, little cams and trying to jam it all in low down in the rev range breaks engines. Let em breath, rev, build oil pressure, than dump it all in and it will make the power and last. Also the less limiter dump side steps you do the better and I can tell ya now you don't do em with 1000hp but you do em all day with 500kw : D Thats my experiences anyway
  5. anyone know what angle the turbo can sit at? the max angle im trying to aim the ass end down as much as possible on my wrx build. But its pretty steep and I don't want it smoking. I know the garrets are only good for 15 deg, does anyone know what the EFR is?
  6. Interesting - this is the information I’m after yes it’s a OS88 so push type. can you explain the method to measure what sized carrier I’m after?? and what point the measurements are taken on the carrier to determine what size it is? thanks for your help so far
  7. Hey fella's I have an issue with my clutch in my OS88 - its a direct clutch services twin plate. long story short, it was making a clunking sound when on your way back up from the floor after pushing the clutch to floor. Turns out its the the throw out bearing carrier - the carrier has a groove around the inside of it and its slipping almost off the end of the sleeve that it travels on inside the bell housing. This leads me to believe I need to get a longer or higher Bearing Carrier I understand Nissan make a bunch of different ones. My main question here is - If the bearing carrier is longer, will It make the clutch disengage higher up or lower?
  8. Hi guys Forsale, my 9180 done 500 klms, Made 500 kw on 25psi. Comes with turbo smart bov, not water or oil lines. hi octane ceramic coated rear housing. Reason for sale, engine block cracked after 500klm with a brand new engine setup. Lost interest for now till new engine is built.
  9. has anyone got any real life info on the G42 1200 on a 2.8 considering it
  10. Its such a fine line. At the end of the day, everyones idea of laggy is different. 9280 would bolt straight up to my current setup as I've got a 9180..... that's why I'm looking down that route for this new engine.
  11. so your all saying G42 1200 compact? than 1000hp awd skids?
  12. will the 9280 make 1000hp atw on a 2.8 with everything needed to make 1000hp...... that is the question.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/158878344286716/permalink/1223879557786584/?sale_post_id=1223879557786584
  14. when's these new 9274 and 9280 gunna be available to buy? seams like they been talking about them for months now.
  15. how much wheel hp are we all thinking the 9280 is going to make over a 9180 on a RB? any guesses out there?
  16. its not like its gunna make the block weaker..... if you've got the cash, buy one.
  17. I've got one, on a stock block 2.8 stroker, hard to say how its going to hold up as the engine only has 2-3k kms on it. 500kw run in tune 25psi with a 9180. See what she does at 35-40 psi in a few months.
  18. my 9180 makes 500kw atw on 26psi with a run in tune on my new engine. Be interesting to see what she makes when we turn it up. But they make 500 easy.
  19. Also the plate thats welded up the inside of the pipe from the mani to gate flange - Hangs out past the end of the pipe, once you weld the V band onto the end of the pipe - you than shape the "spilt plate" to suit the back of the waste gate, so its sealed up.
  20. yeah 6 boost did the spilt for the gate. I did all the fab work, trust me you dont want anymore pipe work under there. In saying that my gate is plumbed back in which makes it a bit harder. Screamer pipes are easier to route. But at the end of the day, what for - why make it harder and most $$$ for the same result.
  21. the plenum is deff not worth the investment the amount of work invloved and extra lines and hoses needed to be made/brought to set it up, it should make 500kw in NA form. The plenum's are a waste, Nismo FTW. I went 60mm single gate, for packaging as theres not alot of room under there for 2 gates. Also the waste gate pipe is split anyway so you get the same effect with the single gate just less mucking around.
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