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  1. I think we should just say, if this forum was a motor it'd be an LS1. f**kin' dead.
  2. Rose Gold engine bay is only marginally less worse than putting GTR badges on a GTSt.
  3. Here's some useful math for everyone: How to convert US Horsepower into actual Horsepower (ATW). (US HP Claim) x 0.80 = actual HP. This also works for HSV's except it's (HSV owner claim) x 0.75 = actual HP.
  4. Everyone should have noticed by now, that the KM's on Skylines hasn't changed in 15 years. This thing almost certainly has +150k kms on it. In terms of honest price? Somewhere between $6k and $10k.
  5. On a scale of 1-10, just how dead is this forum these days?
  6. RedEmblem

    My R33 - RIPS RB30

    Wondering what happened to this R33. This is my old car from ~2004. Would love to track it down again.
  7. I think you'll find that's only the asking price of many GTRs ($40k for a shitter with a genuine 300,000kms). None of them will actually be selling, unless the buyer is a complete moron. This is a fairly well priced GTR.
  8. A guy from Boostcruising is dodgy???!! You better let them know, this is a real surprise!!
  9. Is 6sp/year that much of an issue??? If performance is his goal, I'd be suggesting an R33 GTR. But an S15, R32 GTR or Evo 6/7 could be nice too.
  10. ~10k usually But, $7k with the hail damage ... but minus $1k for Sony sticker Car is worth $6k.
  11. Hello, Recently purchased a gtr32 for a bit of fun. It has a shuttering that goes through the whole car when turning left only and only occurs at low speeds (around less than 20kph). Turning right at any speed is fine as is turning left above ~20kph. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Andrew
  12. Hey Guys, Can someone FAST: 6U9000BNR32310131 Thanks
  13. A pristine, manual 300zx 2+2. A big heavy, hard-to-work-on GT car with a history of unreliablility VS a 180sx, a sr20 based sports car with good handling and good reliability? The answer is clearly the 300zx. Desite its problems the 300zx is a good car. The sr20 is a horrid engine and 180 is a ricers dream
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