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  1. Toyota employee: "A GTR 34 just sold for $400k! People must want Japanese 90's sports cars again" Toyota management: "This means the market wants our greatest weapon. Release the Camry RZ!"
  2. It's 2020. All Skylines are worth $100k. - Non turbo R32 GTS that's been outside and hasn't been turned over in a decade? $30k - 1994 R33 GTST Automatic with ebay parts and Nismo dash? $25k - 1989 GTR 32 with 300k kms and 'Jasma' brand exhaust $50k - 1995 R33 GTR, white with yellowed headlights $65k The world's gone nuts. Ask what you want for it, there are plenty of dummies out there who'll pay $30k+ for it. Not saying it's a bad car, it's actually very nice and I like it. But the market is dumb right now, take advantage of it.
  3. It's growing on me. At first I thought it was absolutely horrible. The colour, mags and white walls don't help. But, I've seen a few more images now and it looks okay. At first I thought the front bumper just had a large rectangle hole, but I've seen that it has some more details now. I think it looks fine. In a decent colour and without wanky wheels/mags it'll look fine. Looking forward to buying one if the price is reasonable (though I doubt it, they'll probably be $100k).
  4. The worst thing about buying a 370z is that you have to tell your parents you're gay. I'd keep the R33, install an external waste gate and do a driveway burnout to celebrate.
  5. Hey, 10 years ago there were GTR 34's for $40k. There were GTR 32's for $18k any other weekend. There's a market for the 300zx.
  6. Because they are drivers cars. No one wants an automatic Skyline, 200sx, 180sx, WRX, EVO or RX7.
  7. Almost every Skyline is overpriced these days. They're all chasing the idea that 1990 GTR 32's are worth 2.5 times what they were worth in 2014.
  8. I think we should just say, if this forum was a motor it'd be an LS1. f**kin' dead.
  9. Rose Gold engine bay is only marginally less worse than putting GTR badges on a GTSt.
  10. Here's some useful math for everyone: How to convert US Horsepower into actual Horsepower (ATW). (US HP Claim) x 0.80 = actual HP. This also works for HSV's except it's (HSV owner claim) x 0.75 = actual HP.
  11. Everyone should have noticed by now, that the KM's on Skylines hasn't changed in 15 years. This thing almost certainly has +150k kms on it. In terms of honest price? Somewhere between $6k and $10k.
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