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  1. hey guys and girls ... here is the list of entries so far! 1. Simon Henman R33 GTS-t 2. Luke Schulz R33 GTS-t 3. Jake Lowry S14 4. Min Chan Elise 111R 5. Tim Watson 86 6. Campbell Shobbrook Sil80 7. Daniel Shalders R33 GTS-t 8. Lucinda Merlo S13 9. Sean Power S13 10. Leon Stapley 180sx 11. Jett benson 180sx 12. Daniel Walker 180sx 13. Joselito Da Rocha Mazda 2 14. Drew Smith 180sx 15. Dan Madden 86 16. Paris Hault Chaser 17. Lucas Merlo Chaser 18. Michael Grogan 200b 19. Dougal Sully S14 20. Michael Eliou MarkII 21.Gary Nickson 180sx 22. Mohammed Tebeileh R33 GTS-t 23. Russell Cunningham Sil80 24. Hakan Bozbay R33 GTS-t 25. Betul Capinoglu S15 26. Yasar Bolat S15 27. Peter Blythe 200sx 28. Liam Clements Gloria 29. Nicholas Momirovski 86 30. Paul Stephenson R34 GTR 31. Jayden Ingley R33 GTR 32. Mitchell Carlesso S4 33. Michael Godden VS Ute 34. Mathew Grice VK 35. Ben Sinclair R33 GTS-t 36. Robert Mikolajewicz R33 GTS-t 37. Brandon Ingley R33 GTS-t 38. Martin Sullivan S14 39. Daniel Jones S14 40. Shane Janssen VE Ute 41. Chris Wilshire XR5 42. Andrew Roney S13 43. Matt Roney S14 44. Ferhan Acar R33 GTS-t 45. Jeff ....? jzx100 46. Ahmad Sharafi R34 GTT 47. Jeremy Blackman R33 GTS-t 48. Ender Esenyel R33 49. Michael Karantzoulis MarkII 50. Res: 1. 2. 3.
  2. I don't know.. But It looks like she can handle it well
  3. Cams will also cover you as long as it's in date ...
  4. Thanks odi... If you don't have your licence - you don't compete if you forget your licence and cant prove that you have one - you don't compete if you thought you could get one on the day because someone told you that you could get one on the day and drive 3 hours up to shep, left at 3 am because you worked on your car til 12am to get it ready and maxed out your credit card just to get there - guess what.... YOU DON'T GET TO COMPETE.
  5. Entry list: 1. Micolour 2. Micolour 3. Leon Stapley 180sx 4. Jake Lowry S14 5. Simon Henman HMAS-33 6. Campbell shobbrook sil80 7. Russell Cunningham sil80 8. Mathew Femino Prob GTR 9. Paul Stephenson 32R 10. Luke schulze 33 GTS-t 11. Daniel Jones s14 12. Sean Power s13 13. Jett Benson 180sx 14. Shane Janssen 33R 15. Neil Gray S13 16. Anthony Femino gts-t 17. Travis Eva S13 18. Greg Calmer S13 19. Juilette Remfrey BR86 20. Shivam Rohit 32R 21. Rhys Yeomans XR5 22. Chris Wilshire XR5 23. Marrrrrrrk Ryan HMAS-33 24. LLoyd Waldron MR2 25. Kurt Thompson S15 26. Daniel Lee 33 27. Matt borci 33GTR 28. Joshua Davey S15 29. Trent Couacand HMAS33 30. Ben Felgate S14 31. Min Chan Lotus 32. Mohammad Sharafi Falcon 33. Ahmad Sharafi 33 GTS-t 34. Micheal Bourke VK 35. Damian Hartin Exige 36. Ben Smith 180sx 37. Adam Crane Chaser 38. Joseph Canals Sil 39. Elliot Kerby 318i 40. Mathew Robins R33 41. Michael Silcock S15 42. Robert Amenta R33 43. Evan Boyact Fiesta 44. 45 46 47 48 49 50 Reserve list:
  6. Proudly Presents: Micolour SAU-Vic Deca Motorkhana ROUND 1 of the 2014 CHAMPIONSHIP When : Saturday 22nd March, 2014 (7:30am) Where : DECA - Shepparton, 145 Wanganui Road, Shepparton, VIC 3630 Cost : $120 per entry Max Entries: 50 + Reserves Entry Form & Supp. Regs: HERE Event Schedule: ENTRY FORM IS REQUIRED TO BE PUT ONTO THE LIST. PAYMENT IS REQUIRED TO STAY ON THE LIST. ***********************IMPORTANT CHANGES:************************** We will NO LONGER be able to sell AASA licenses on the day. It is your responsibility to make sure that this is completed prior to the event and that you produce and supply the license on the day of the event. If you forget your license on the day or if you do not have a license, then you will not be permitted to enter the event. Please fill out your entry form clearly and in full. If you are emailing you entry, please name the attached file after your full name and what page it is. eg. 'Reon Staprey Disclaimer' All withdrawals will be refunded after the event. Refunds will not be given after 5pm Sunday the 16th of March. The insurer of the event (AASA) has issued supplementary regulations that require all entrants to wear helmets during all competition. This includes the skidpan and all battles. This also impacts passengers, as they must wear a helmet prior to entering a competition vehicle. A fire extinguisher is required by all entrants and needs to be bolted to the vehicle. Screws or cable ties are not acceptable. Please re-read the supplementary regulations before entering the event. GATES WILL BE OPEN AT 730AM. Cars need to be scrutineered before drivers briefing at 9am sharp. Grouping requests: If you have anyone that you would like to be grouped with, send me a PM and I will try to accommodate. Please support our sponsors: Micolour – Custom Refinishing, 7 Dissik St, Cheltenham 3192, Ph: (03) 9555 8011
  7. What is a fire extinguisher? Which way do you go around the skid pan? I have a hand held camera, is that ok to use while I drive?
  8. And great job mate Leon! My stagea is AWD, so that makes me 1st place overall for AWD and a few fastest runs? P.s cheers for the quick release of the results, top effort mate.
  9. you are indeed correct and I'm sorry about that! I was having a good time thinking that the 3 AWD cars all broke lol...
  10. Great Job MIke! Great drive! Sean - not bad considering you slid the whole thing
  11. yeah yeah.... I know... but... IT'S DONE! I'll have it up tonight...
  12. I'll have the results up tomorrow night guys...sorry its has taken a while but as Wayne said, we have to find time to do it! I had set aside tonight to get it done!
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