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    R33 soon! =]
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  2. wtf, this forum turns it to shit
  3. 01001001001000000110110101110101011100110111010000100000011010000110000101110110 11001010010000001100110011101010110001101101011011001010110010000100000011010010 11010000100000011101010111000000100001 my bad
  4. click here to convert it then!!!
  5. 01001001001000000110000101101101001000000111001101101111001000000110011101101111 01000000110010001100001011011010110111000100000011001100111010101100011011010110 10100101101110011001110010000001100010011011110111001001100101011001000010000100 0000100100001
  6. Gunnas bra! Gotta be a good buy! It does super drifts! Also I see an 850i in braddon almost every arvo walking back to my car. Do they go well? Oh and spotted me loosing my transmission tickets for a 3rd time =[
  7. Someone buy my FKN car!!!! The dude with the r33 doesnt answer his phone or write back to messages anymore. I found a better car anyway. Yooze know u crave teh RS !
  8. i think it was shark fin :S mayby he said shark thing. He no speaka english well.
  9. f**k greenpeace, If they try and mess wiht me i will go comando stylez on their boats and blow em up.
  10. Has anyone eaten whale? I have had shark and shark fin but not whale.
  11. Spotted a black r33 with a for sale sticker on the back wondow give it a boot down gungahlin drive in the wet last night asnd spin a few times, run up both sides of the road and end up on the median strip then drive off. I pulled up to see if everything was alright but he took off rea quick again. I assume everything is sweet.
  12. Was this the one a little while ago? If it was, its was an RS liberty sedan. A white one to be exact. Apperantly he had an RS liberty club sticker on the back window as well.
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