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  1. Hey thats looking much better!! Glad Jeff was able to help you out... C-Red definitely are the go-to guys Cheers Adam
  2. Brazen

    M35 Info

    OK finished updating the above info... is there anything anyone wants more info on? anything need correcting? any other RAWS people know of to add? other parts links? etc etc?
  3. ^ Wow congrats!! Very nice (apart from the fake woodgrain )
  4. Brazen

    M35 Info

    ** spot reserved for more info to come
  5. Brazen

    M35 Info

    M35 Stagea Info There are a few different threads about the M35 Stageas on these forums, but most are early thoughts and opinions or specific queries. So I thought a more generic thread of info on them might be useful for people. Feel free to correct or suggest additions Main Changes Some of the main changes for the M35 over the earlier C34 models that I like: Longer wheel base giving more leg room up front, and importantly 9cm extra "knee room" for rear seat passengers, but still larger boot space (500 litres, up from 475). Also more headroom. Improved weight ratio. The longer wheel base also allows engine to shift back over front wheels and fuel tank under rear seat - giving a much better 52:48 weight ratio over the wheels (51:49 in 2wd models), and much better handling 5 speed tiptronic vs 4 speed Larger fuel tank - M35 is 80L vs 68L previous model Switch to VQ25DET engine, providing big increase in torque over the series 2, from 334Nm at 3200rpm to 407Nm at 3200rpm - and very noticeble pick up in pulling such a heavy car. Half-hatch rear door - quick opening of glass section to access boot) Much better SAFETY DESIGN for crumple zones etc in accidents including a mechanism that 'drops' the engine in front-on collisions, as well as loads of new technoology features like the seat cushion protection system Larger rolling diametre (680mm vs 540mm - larger again in AR-X) New design improves aerodynamics with zero aerodynamic lift at high speed Front mount intercooler in M35 vs side mount in C34... can use slightly modified factory piping etc and just put larger cooler in New multi-link rear suspension designed specifically for wagons. Coil springs mounted separately from the shock absorbers and lowers the upper attachment position of the shock absorbers by 270 mm compared with previous model, minimising intrusions into the luggage area. Integration of the plastic back door with the body structure. A newly developed rubber side wedge incorporating a spring and an automatic back door closure enable the back door to function as an integral part of the body structure. The damping effect of the plastic back door reduces the body vibration typically in wagons, providing superior handling and stability combined with increased comfort and lower noise. Option of factory 200w Bose sound system including spare-wheel-well mounted subwoofer New storage compartment under rear floor - lifts up on hydraulic sliders - made possible with moving fuel tank under back seat DVD / Sat-nav option... even without the conversion - it has great engine management display functionality including mileage, fuel mix, etc etc "Intelligent" cruise control which adjusts the cars speed according to the distance and speed of the car up front using a small grille mounted sensor Model Variants: From 2001 to 2003 the following range of models were available: 250RS/RS V/RX: VQ25DD engine (V6 2.5L NA, direct injection, 158.3 kW), rear wheel drive NOT ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT 250RS FOUR/RX FOUR: VQ25DD engine (V6 2.5L NA, direct injection, 158.3 kW), four wheel drive NOT ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT 250tRS FOUR V/RX FOUR: VQ25DET engine (V6 2.5L single turbo, 205.94 kW), four wheel drive ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT - COMPLIANCE UP TO 11/03 MODELS AVAILABLE 300RX: VQ30DD engine (V6 3.0L NA, direct injection, 191.23 kW), rear wheel drive ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT - COMPLIANCE NOT AVAILABLE There were a couple of sub-variants: 250tRS FOUR V HICAS: A 250tRS FOUR V with the addition of the Nissan HICAS four wheel steering system ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT - COMPLIANCE UP TO 11/03 MODELS AVAILABLE AR-X FOUR: A 250t FOUR (ie 2,5L turbo/4wd) model with increased ride height, leather, 18" rims and SUV-like body ornaments. 206 kW ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT - COMPLIANCE UP TO 11/03 MODELS AVAILABLE The were 4 'aero selection' models added in 2002 to the 250RS/250tRS FOUR/250tRS FOUR V/250tRS FOUR V HICAS ranges, this added a bodykit to the standard car. From 2004 the range was modified: 250RX: VQ25DD engine (V6 2.5L NA, direct injection, 158.3 kW), rear wheel drive NOT ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT 250RX FOUR: VQ25DD engine (V6 2.5L NA, direct injection, 158.3 kW), four wheel drive NOT ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT 350RX: VQ35DE engine (V6 3.5L NA 200 kW), rear wheel drive ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT - COMPLIANCE NOT AVAILABLE 350RX FOUR: VQ35DE engine (V6 3.5L NA, 200 kW), four wheel drive ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT - COMPLIANCE NOT AVAILABLE AR-X FOUR: VQ35DE engine (V6 3.5L NA, 200 kW), four wheel drive with increased ride height, leather, 18" rims and SUV-like body ornaments ELIGIBLE FOR IMPORT - COMPLIANCE NOT AVAILABLE There was also an Autech variant called an AXIS (with bodykit, custom leather, lowered suspension, different rims), eligible for import and able to be complied for manufacture dates to 11/03 with the VQ25DET. The Axis 350S (VQ35DE and 6 speed manual transmission) is eligible for import but no RAWS currently have compliance approval. Links to Information: Official Nissan Stagea Site Loads of info on the M35s on the nissan site - just get the translator working! Has lots of moving images including diagramatic morph of the wgc34 into an M35 ** more to come Links to Aftermarket Parts etc: Garage Mak M35 aero parts / LEDs / exhausts Autech Axis 350S Alfino front lip IMPUL 535W full M35 'total tune-up system' Takero aero parts MASA Motorsports M35 product range Gialla aero parts / suspension / exhaust Kenstyle M35 aero parts / suspension / exhausts / accessories Balsarini aero parts Freeway Dolphin Aeroform parts Compliance Compliance is currently only available for M35s fitted with the VQ25DET engine and with a build date of 11/03 or earlier. While other engine variants are indicated as 'eligible for import' they do not as yet have a RAWS that has successfully passed testing. It is rumoured testing might be underway for M35s with the VQ35DE engine (2004 - 2007 should be ok as the VQ35DE is unlikely to face the ADR79 emmission problems the VQ25DET is facing). RAWS workshops currently able to offer compliance: Northside Prestige in Sydney Motovation Imports in Burleigh QLD For the latest info, search for RAWS here Assorted pictures:
  6. Cheers to ausis for giving me a look and a drive in his today - awesome car mate! cant wait to see it body-kitted, rims and performance mods
  7. Theres a few reasons weighing up in my mind as to why the AR-X might be a good option for modifying / lowering etc over the normal ones: - Larger rolling diametre... they not only got 18" stock instead of 17", but larger tyres etc increasing the overall rolling diametre... which if you want to dump one and get fat rims... means you can "legally" get wider and bigger rims fitted to an AR-X than the other M35s. (225/55R18 vs 215/55R17) - The plastic gaurds around the wheel arch can be retained and colour-coded when mixing a bodykit in so also keeping a 'legal' wider car (an extra 15mm each side for wider rims) without having to get wider quarter panels or flares. - While leather etc was an option on Rs-4... they standard fitment on an AR-X - 200w Bose speaker system including subwoofer in the spare wheel well etc is also more common to find in AR-X - Limited Slip Diff standard on AR-X - rare option on non-AR-X
  8. ah no M35 bum. yeah this guy can do the M35 stagea / V35 skyline system conversion... not sure about aftermarket jap sat-nav - but worth enquiring... Brian at Autotainment (08) 9470 4233
  9. I'm trying to decide between AR-X and standard myself... after reading and translating heaps of jap sites there are a number of clear warnings not to touch the ride-height or stiffness of the AR-X verisons, so I would be VERY careful about adjusting your AR-X suspension... the AR-Xs have HICAS four wheel steering - so changing ride height, and even tyre-width or track width can really mess with the HICAS and get dangerous.... if you do want to look at suspension changes with your AR-X I would first talk to a couple of the Perth jap tuning houses about possibility of disconnecting your HICAS system. Being able to lower an M35 and widen the track width and increase rim size is probably the main reason I wont go for an AR-X model. I am keen to get a sit in an M35 in Perth - so PM me if you can about catching up! Oh and sorry to be another spoil-sport one further dispell the 'first in oz' thing - but there was an M35 for sale more than a two years ago registered - came over as a personal import.
  10. So I assume with Sat-nav you have an M35? Looking at getting one myself soon If it is an M35 you have Id be mad keen for a look at it and a chance to sit behind the wheel and see if my 6'5", 120kg frame will squeeze in comfortably! Luckily for you we have one of only a couple of guys in Oz than can readily do the sat-nav conversion right here in Perth - and also pretty cheaply. I'll trade you his name for a look at your car PM me Adam
  11. thanks - didnt search back far enough... will take the convo there END THREAD
  12. Brazen

    Boot Seats

    Current model falcons and commodore wagons can have 3rd row seats retrofitted... guy at work put em into his new commodore work car. I just spoke to Vanquip, and it seems 'possible' - but its sort of similar to complaince procedure - each new model has to be engineeer approved and tested... so they'd need a 'test stagea' to go through all different engineering and emission tests (to make sure the new loaded weight meets with engine capacity etc)... so seems unlikely unless someone wants to pay the thousands to be the guinea pig
  13. Hiya - has anyone in Perth got an M35 i can have a look at and sit in to see legroom etc?? Would be greatly appreciated Cheers Adam
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