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  1. Thanks for the link! I still sell these and have all sizes in stock IMO they look better than aeroflow, speedflow and proflow
  2. Thanks for links. The breathers I sell look much cleaner than those you have put the links to. The ones I sell do not have the hexagonal base rather a smooth round base to suit the RB breather hole diameter so it all looks nice and clean fitment once installed.
  3. I have -10 for NEO size but only in silver raw aluminium colour. PM me if interested
  4. hey are u still selling -10 rb26 valve cover breathers ? 


    also u willing to ship to Toronto Ontario Canada 

  5. R32 Vertex kits Where are you guys sourcing your decent quality R32 Vertex style front bars from? JSAI only make GTR Style front bars... Back in the day you could buy genuine Vertex kits from a seller in Aus but I think they shut down?
  6. Earls fittings will screw directly on to the breathers I sell. I sent you a PM David.
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