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  1. They didnt even touch the locks. Which was lucky it has an annoying blue light attached to the alarm so might have scared them off a bit. Ill be keeping my eye out and if i catch them they will get whats comming to them for sure.
  2. LOL yeh man same, i was pretty thrilled when i saw it comming off i can tell ya.
  3. Hey If you live in the Outter Habour area might be best to keep ya baby locked in ya garage. Sat night i had my car parked in the g/f's driveway and some clowns sprayed black paint all down the drivers side. Shows even alarm, immob and all else u can do to a car bad things still easily happen. Luckly i was able to remove it all with no trace with tea tree oil. There are some jelous people out there, lucky for them i didnt catch them doing it.
  4. ok cheers for ya help guys ill be getting it checked out soon
  5. Hey, my R33 has developed a skueak, seams to be comming from the back of the engine near the turno. Does anyone have any idea what it might be? Also it had a vibration near the timming cover, I can feel and hear it at about 2000rpm any ideas what that might be? any help would be appreciated, cheers
  6. Hey, I want to lower my R33. Whats the best type of springs to use and thats the best hight to drop it to? Does anyone have any pics of an R33 lowered? I want it to look good but still be practical, Cheers
  7. Na sorry mate not paying that much for some rims im just going to punish, cheers ne way
  8. Hey, Im looking for some stanndard r33 rims or some other rims which would fit a r33 gts-t. Im after two and im from adelaide. If anyone can help me out that would be great, cheers
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