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  1. Yup, ended up picking up some non V-Spec R33 GTR shafts and chucking the V-Spec ones.
  2. Hoping the car will be here in Auckland sometime in June.
  3. So sad. This will be the first Texi I've missed in like 3-4 years!
  4. Gudgen retaining clip failed and the pin cracked the cyl wall. That engine did see nearly 9,000 Rpms and I was the one that put the retaining pins in so who knows why it failed. New build is an RB26/30 now so revs stay below 8k and with the torque curve and turbo set up, no need to rev past 7.5k.
  5. Thanks fellas. Two rebuilds in 2 years, let's hope this one lasts.
  6. And, I forgot to post this one a year ago.
  7. A bit of thread resurrection. I took this video 2 weeks back here in NZ. Just got around to editing it.
  8. Good job boys. Kind of funny that for all the grief we get that skylines are no good on tight courses, our top club performers were both in skylines. Just stiring the pot. Maybe we need more skylines in SAU?
  9. Good luck folks. Remember to keep it tight and precise. Feels slow but is way faster on these technical courses. Wish I could run with ya folks. Anyone have a remote control app? lol.
  10. Today's instalment is a special one. Yesterday I reinstalled the injectors and gave a quick test with manifold off to see if they were firing fuel. It was a no go. So back to a lot of internet research and theories why I have spark but no injector signals. I thought that maybe the hard wiring of my fuel pump may be messing with the ecu. A lot of forum scouring led to a post that the ecu uses ground to the fuel pump relay to control it. A bunch of wire tracing and diagrams over the next whole day finally led to the wires to cut and spice. Well, why not go for broke. The fuel pump did the correct 5 second prime and shut off. But cranking didn't fire at all. At this point I was very bummed. I fly out tomorrow! So, wanting to at least hear it run I went and got some starter fluid. A good spray and kit kicked a little. Another spray and she kicked to life. To my surprise it kept running! The fuel must have just been too stale to fire on its own. OMG! 20 years ago I bought the engine and started this conversion! I put it in gear and eased the clutch to move forward a foot. It moves under its own power! I didn't dare take it for a spin. Still too many wires to tidy up and a leaky rear brake means it can't stop. But I can certainly fly out tomorrow knowing I'm that much closer in this saga.
  11. Some fairy tales start with a fairlady in waiting. My princess is no different. And now I'm in Seattle for just a quick visit, I needed at least to pay her a quick visit and a little attention. Here she is, just as I left this saga 2 and a bit years ago. Last time we managed to hear it fire but only with starting fluid. Fuel pump is hard wired and fuel is reaching the regulator, but doesn't seem like the injectors are firing. So I did some research before I left Sydney and found that rb20's use the same high impedance and cc as vg30et motors. So I got a used set before I left. Of course it is a lot of junk to pull to get to them. And of course the stock set up has crimps on both sides of the injector. So a bit of cutting (and swearing) has all the old injectors free and should be good nuf for a slip on and clamp test fire. So tomorrow will go get some hose clamps and gasket seal to bodgey up the plenum back on. That's pretty much all all I have time for this trip. Just enough time to give this test over a couple of days. Wish me luck.
  12. Nice looking cars Luke. What part of NZ are you located? I just moved to Auckland and will be importing my R33 GTR some time in the new few months.
  13. RB20 stock injectors Hey folks, looking for a set of RB20 injectors for my VG30et project. The RB20's are 10 cc more, top feed and high impedance like the VG30et ones. Looking for a cheap set that has been known to be ok. Just putting them in to get the project running so not looking to spend a lot.
  14. Thanks Kat. Peter Wolf did a 10.2 in his R33 Drag car (2 spd powerglide). He said it was on 410kw.
  15. Yeah just fine. The dipstick holder is just really loose. Something else to fix this weekend.
  16. So far only me and Adam. All those club points! Yum yum.
  17. Anybody else excited about this? Looking forward to seeing you all!
  18. Resurrection time, well in a few months. I just booked tickets to go home over Christmas this year. I wonder if I will brave the cold to go out and work on the 240....
  19. Is a G29. I wanted the LED shift indicators and doubt I will buy an Xbox One to make the G920 worth while. Here is the build video. VERY compressed/time lapse. All up the build was about 16 hours.
  20. Finished my Rig today. It turned out pretty neat!
  21. Sorry Guys, my choices today are finish my racing sim rig or come outside and play. Well, the rig is getting the vote. Plus will give me some time to work on my car too. Have fun!
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