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  1. ok I really need sleep now, oh this has been too much fun
  2. thats right go and cry into a bucket of fried chicked you fat f**k
  3. oh GEE HE CALLED ME GAY HOW CLEVER!!!! hahaha stupid f**ken wog Ill be back in melb in jan do you want to mmet up?
  4. al...seriously mate.....you are fat ugly, and you talk like a midget I gotta sleep, but hey Ill be back in melb in jan, if you want to meet up Ill oblige you ok buddy
  5. excuse me buddy? i dont sound like a f**king pidgeon liek you mate ever heard your own voice? its almost as funny as Mike Tysons
  6. and Id rather bat for my team than the 30 year old virgin team like you lol
  7. yep thats wat your dad said just as I hopped out of your mums bed when I was finished
  8. plastic surgery should be your frend..dont kids yourself and whats this about frends al? still cry wen the boys go out crusing and dont ivite your ugly ass? lol
  9. your silence only incriminates your fat ass (if you are gonna get banned you might as well geta few laughs out of it)
  10. har har Im in canada foo and no...it wasnt run on a mustang dyno Lo!!!!! and for the record I work 2 jobs and the car cost me 30k canadian....600 per month...if dad was buying me a car Id drive an S500 like him!!!!! hey are you still ugly as dogs balls?
  11. and on the highways here you can open the car up....I regularly cruise at 160-200km/h in the right lane and dont get booked for peanuts
  12. thanx for doing this guys....brocky was a family friend, and bev still is
  13. LOlll I saw envy32 pushing his fat ass at chaddy a few years ago it was so lmao
  14. a brick wall at 80 km/h + 6 month wheel chair mod
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