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  1. 9 inch wide rim with a suitable offset should be fine to fit a 255 tyre if your looking for max grip
  2. Your best bet is to find a replacement second hand. They are pretty expensive parts to buy even if they are non-gen. I'm sure there are plenty of TPS floating around from wrecked RB20 motors
  3. I really don't think it looks that bad. You need to remember this is a car built for fuel economy, safety and being aimed at the low cost small car market. Compared to other cars in the market it will be competitive against such as the Echo, Getz, Fiesta etc i think it outclasses them in terms of looks. Although I don't particularly agree with the fact that in order to buy one, you need to already own an aston martin. I think thats a bad move
  4. Baz

    New Car

    There is a big reservoir attached to the firewall on the drivers side. You can remove that, it isn't necessary for going fast or doing skids. No but seriously if you want to do it properly it is going to cost big dollars. (ie. chroming everything you see, rewiring the engine bay so all the wires disappear, painting various things). Just enjoy your car and put some money towards some basic mods like a good stereo, exhaust, some nice rims and whatever else you would like to do.
  5. I think everyone is mostly missing the point here. You did a skid and confessed to it so you deserve to lose your license. Going on what have seen with my mates that have been convicted under the hoon laws, you will lose your license for 6-9 months and recieve some stupidly large fine (somewhere between $700-1000), which is the going rate atm.
  6. Not that I've done the conversion but the wiring loom will be slightly different to cater for the sensors related to boost pressure. I know for one there is a boost pressure sensor mounted near the firewall that I doubt would be present on the non-turbo wiring loom. There are probably a few extra sensors that are present on the turbo loom as opposed to the non-turbo loom.
  7. If people want I'll take a photo of the diff in the back of my R34 GT-T and I'll upload it tomorrow arvo. That way it will give you something to go by.
  8. Well being an R34 N/A I dont think you will have trouble getting power to the ground. Invest in a good set of tyres and you should be fine. No need to go all balls out on mods you don't require
  9. All RB20/25/26 CA18 and SR20 motors have the turbos mounted on the right hand side of the engine (looking from the front of the vehicle) or passenger side if you could so call it. So unless you have a toyota motor sitting in there, all inline nissan import motors have the turbo sitting on the right hand side.
  10. I think you will have to consider biting the bullet and considering buying one from Nissan man. You will be very hard pressed to get any R34 GTR aero parts second hand.
  11. Well the turbo is mounted on the right hand side of the engine bay. So to keep wires to a minimum in the engine bay and to avoid running the wires across the firewall or across the front of the motor follow the wires into the passenger side footwell and run the wires across the back to where you wish to mount the EBC. Don't drill a hole in the firewall, looks awful and its just downright lazy.
  12. GAB suspension is aftermarket. I had similar suspension on my R32 GTS-T. The knob on the rear struts and the twist knob on the top of the fronts adjust the dampening of the shocks. Adjusting it will have no impact on how "hard" the car will feel, it simply adjusts the rate at which the dampers control the oscillating spring. It does that by restricting the flow rate of the oil from reservoir to reservoir as the strut moves up and down. Essentially it restricts the rate at which the spring can move over a certain distance. You can lower the car further by backing off the "C" nut on the struts but often it will sometimes actually taken preload off the spring (meaning that the spring will flop around when the car is jacked up. So most only height adjustable suspension have "helper springs" in them so that you can further lower the car without the spring becoming loose. Although I've found its not really a problem if the spring is loose in the strut anyway. It takes up the preload of the spring once the car is on the ground again. Hope that helps
  13. A lot of gear. This is the list off the top of my head. Gearbox - ~$1500 Clutch master cylinder Clutch slave cylinder Clutch Manual tailshaft or custom built tailshaft Manual pedal box Manual surround trim Manual ECU Clutch hoses Gearbox support bracket Gearbox fluid. So I'm guessing you would be looking at anywhere between 2-3k in parts plus labour Could be a lot more. So yeah really pricey and probably not a smart idea IMO Best off selling and buying one which is already a manual
  14. Hey guys, Had this little japanese hanger sitting in my car for years and I have had absolutely no idea what it says or means. Was wondering if any of you guys who can read japanese could translate it for me. Cheers
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