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  1. turboedsloth

    Looking good!!
  2. turboedsloth

    He's too old for that now. He's become the grumpy grandpa yelling at the kids on the lawn Bowzer on the other hand, is an 8yr old puppy still
  3. turboedsloth

    Played in the back garden all weekend trying to make it look neat and pretty. Had to let the neighbours know i have a chainsaw, trimming up some yukka's
  4. turboedsloth

    Thread dig How was everyone's weekend?
  5. turboedsloth

    I use Ron Bells in Mandurah, and Galloways in Pinjarra
  6. turboedsloth

    I also enjoy eating roast chicken skin
  7. turboedsloth

    That's all i play
  8. turboedsloth

    i am in for violent ps4 games
  9. turboedsloth

    Invasion day? Thhhaaaatttttssssss why it's so quiet here at work
  10. turboedsloth

    Someone say violated? Hopefully they find out what is wrong Trev.
  11. turboedsloth

    What site you at Dale?
  12. turboedsloth

    Little bit of caustic never hurt
  13. turboedsloth

    Hope everyone is having a good holidays if you are getting them.
  14. turboedsloth

    Happy birthdayi hank
  15. turboedsloth

    An hour after work and a couple of hours every sunday when Aubrey goes down for a nap