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  1. Please do. 7 deg when i came to work this morning
  2. Morning all. Have a shed full of R33's and nowhere to sail them around. How is everyone?
  3. Need some cream rubbed into them?
  4. Give me a minute, still a bit chaffed. Motul track night tonight mitsubitches!!
  5. He's too old for that now. He's become the grumpy grandpa yelling at the kids on the lawn Bowzer on the other hand, is an 8yr old puppy still
  6. Played in the back garden all weekend trying to make it look neat and pretty. Had to let the neighbours know i have a chainsaw, trimming up some yukka's
  7. Thread dig How was everyone's weekend?
  8. I use Ron Bells in Mandurah, and Galloways in Pinjarra
  9. I also enjoy eating roast chicken skin
  10. Invasion day? Thhhaaaatttttssssss why it's so quiet here at work
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