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  1. Na i haven't started one unfortunately. Should pull my finger out
  2. I have also put a 350 3.5 diff in my 32, with 34 subframe and GKTech offset bushes. I have also found a 2 bolt cover from the states i am waiting to arrive to see if i can use it
  3. Hope everyone is going well. After 12 odd years i finally have an engine in my bay. Transmission dummied up behind it also
  4. Stacked up on the mez deck i built in the shed at home
  5. 2021 the year i finally get the 32 running. Bottom end is all together, have received head back from getting tickled
  6. Happy new year everyone. Lets hope 2021 is better than last years shit show
  7. Did one of these late last year to go behind an rb. Used a late model D22 RWD unit that we managed to source at the wreckers Input shaft is longer in the spiggot section, but can be machined down to suit desired length. bell housings will swap over to what ever style rb you want to use
  8. Sounds about the same as me. Absolutely crazy busy. Boys are loving the overtime at the moment
  9. It's going well, boss wants another one now. Bike lasted 2hrs and sold to a guy in mandurah. Looking at a duke 390 to get around on for now. Does it sound like a 5ltr with a pod filter now?
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