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  1. turboedsloth

    What site you at Dale?
  2. turboedsloth

    Little bit of caustic never hurt
  3. turboedsloth

    Hope everyone is having a good holidays if you are getting them.
  4. turboedsloth

    Happy birthdayi hank
  5. turboedsloth

    An hour after work and a couple of hours every sunday when Aubrey goes down for a nap
  6. turboedsloth

    Morning all. So, after 10 years. The 32 is nearly back on it's wheels. Ready to go to paint in the new year
  7. turboedsloth

    Will see if i can get away. Have 2 big builds to get out before christmas thats all
  8. turboedsloth

    Sounds like my daughter. watching her on the camera is really creepy
  9. turboedsloth

    Hey ladies. How goes it
  10. turboedsloth

    After only just getting back on a bike after a few years, i'll take baby steps.
  11. turboedsloth

    I did notice that on the weekend. It got a tad warm and was getting hard to start. all the other boys have 350's so i am thinking of going to one also (mmm electric start).
  12. turboedsloth

    Picked up a KTM 300exc a few months back. Needs fine tuning but goes pretty good. We have pony express next weekend so unsure if i will go out this weekend.
  13. turboedsloth

    Awfully clean Dale. Went for a ride on sunday. roughly 30km through some narly single trails, and a "good" hill that was very quickly labelled Tourettes Hill
  14. turboedsloth

    I had nothing but problems with these idiots. Ordered a delica engine off them for a customer, received wrong one, then replacement got lost. Took about 9 months to get my money back
  15. turboedsloth

    THIS!!! 👌👨‍👦‍👦