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  1. Happy new year everyone. Lets hope 2021 is better than last years shit show
  2. Did one of these late last year to go behind an rb. Used a late model D22 RWD unit that we managed to source at the wreckers Input shaft is longer in the spiggot section, but can be machined down to suit desired length. bell housings will swap over to what ever style rb you want to use
  3. Sounds about the same as me. Absolutely crazy busy. Boys are loving the overtime at the moment
  4. It's going well, boss wants another one now. Bike lasted 2hrs and sold to a guy in mandurah. Looking at a duke 390 to get around on for now. Does it sound like a 5ltr with a pod filter now?
  5. Good or a bad thing? Wifey is hinting at me for a 2nd
  6. Had a fresh build before i purchased it thankfully. And i've put maybe 6hrs max on it. It's now for sale, wana buy it? The boss has said i can only have 1 bike and 1 import that doesn't run.
  7. But i have a KTM. 300exc, real widow maker. The new 350's are awesome bikes. Stay away from anything honda, the older kawasakis are not too bad. i have always had 2 strokes, but have recently picked up a wr250f 4 stroke, for me being 100kg it struggles a bit. Doing the same as Dale now and looking out for a Thruxton to ride on the road
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