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  1. I like to think of them as the failed products of mechanics school. Too stupid to get a job in a real shop so they suck off the public service teat. Bureaucracy at its finest.
  2. How much for drivers side quarter window? Oh, and steering column?
  3. Eiji, any chance you could PM me whatever info you've got? I don't take too kindly to people f**king with my stuff.
  4. My club lock did f**k all Rich. They cut right through it like it was butter.
  5. Guess someone is bored because some little c-unts tried to steal my 33 as well. Smashed quarter window and destroyed club lock. Thankfully they didn't get any further than that.
  6. Damn that sounds fun. Would join in if my car was fixed and I wasn't down at the bay.
  7. Spotted: a shit load of people getting pulled over in my travels around town today. With double demerits out I'd say the cops are going for a bit of a blitz so keep your eyes open folks.
  8. Spotted the PowerFC in the Evo dying. =( Time to go shopping for a new ECU.
  9. I seriously recommend Recaros guys! I've put them in / had them in every sports car I've owned and can't stand sitting in anything else!
  10. Heh, my mate and I drove next to her up the parkway on the weekend.
  11. I'd be stupidly keen to drive down that way Rich but im in QLD until the 11th. The back roads out of the ski resorts wouldd surely rank amongst the best roads in Australia.
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