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  1. I am but obviously not very often
  2. Unfortunately I won’t be able to take my car to the Saturday 25/07/2009 8-12:30 session (out at Sutton Road near Fairbairn Park) and am wondering if anyone is interested is taking my spot? Just a few days ago I noticed a possible issue with the car and while it probably isn’t a problem it would be unwise to push it around the skidpan and push my luck. I’ve been looking forward to it for ages and don’t want to lose the money I’ve paid if it can be avoided. If you can help me out and are interested in the spot please send me a PM asap. Cheers David
  3. Unfortunately the pipe is as far as it can go into the joiner and can't mount the cooler any closer to the radiator. It seems the only options are to cut the pipe so it can fit closer to the joiner or cut the front bar so the return pipe sticks out a little bit. But as I said cutting the intercooler pipe looks like it will work but will cut off the raised lip on the end of the pipe in the process and as a result may cause leaking pipes under boost. Does anyone know if this is the case or is it possible to get a new lip machined on to the shortened pipe?
  4. Hi all, Just looking for some advice with a little problem I have with front bar/intercooler pipe clearance. I currently have a HKS intercooler kit and GTR front bar fitted to my car and the return pipe from the core interferes with the front bar drivers indicator slots. To get around this I have done what many others seem to have done and sand back a small portion the front bar to accommodate this return pipe, although as a result have made it impossible to fit GTR indicators (see picture). I am going to replace this front bar very soon with the same style GTR bar and would like to avoid cutting the bar to allow the fitment of the GTR front indicators and avoid pipe sticking out. One way I can see getting around my clearance problems is to shorten the U-bend intercooler return piping by about 4cm, after measuring it all up cutting the pipe it would allow just enough clearance without requiring modification to the front bar. My only concern is if I cut 4cm of the pipe I will lose the raised "lip" on the end of the pipe and am worried if this is removed will I be asking for a leaking intercooler pipe or having the pipe come off under boost? This "lip" is obviously there to help prevent the hose clamp/silicon pipe from shifting under boost. I can't see any other way around this problem apart from cutting the pipe, getting a new U-section fabricated (don't know how much this would cost) or just modifying the bar and living with intercooler pipe slightly protruding from the from bar. Can I get away without the lip on one section of the pipe and still get a sealed connection between the intercooler pipe and silicone hose with hose clamps alone? Any ideas or advice?
  5. Wow, after all the advice he just ignores everything said and tries screw others over still. Pathetic sh*t!
  6. If you were driving around Wakefield land today there is a good chance you are somewhere in here. If anyone would like higher resolution shots of anything in there just send me a PM, Flickr's compression is rough.
  7. Just a few photos from the day… Wheels Show 09 Really enjoyable day and a great turnout of Skylines! BTW if anyone would prefer not to have photos of their car up just PM me and I will take them down asap.
  8. No news on any others, anyone with any info?
  9. UPDATE! Have some very good news, the owner has located the car! I don't think it's my place to go into details at this stage but I think Nick might be posting info later. Thanks to all involved!
  10. Unfortunately I saw this car on the side of the road after what it looked like impacting the gutter sideways on my way home yesterday. I hope they catch the f**kers involved!
  11. Spotted by Andrew (VeilsideR33) in Turner about a week ago!
  12. Im pretty sure that would have been me... When I went to grab something out of it in the morning I was like "Which one is mine again?" as they look so damn similar. You must have good tastes!
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