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  1. Looks like a great day was had. Great video!.
  2. It looks someone trying too hard to look cool in the 90's. Which is exactly what it is.
  3. Agreed, great review. Thanks for posting this up. Good info. Sucks about the tow.
  4. Time has come eh? Lots spent on this car. Make sure to put it on the various FB GTR pages. They go nuts for ones like this. Good luck.
  5. Nothing better than the feeling of carrying a 25 year old explosive device in the cabin. How much do they go for these days anyway?
  6. Great scan. Don't suppose you've got the rest of the catalogue in high res somewhere?
  7. Nah the Nismo side stickers are still cool
  8. I should also add that when Racepace took the front brake setup off to replace them,, they discovered a dodgy spacer setup (had some sort of Brembo setup when I got the car from Japan). Hence the front wheels now sit slightly more into the guards then in that photo.
  9. yeah, I realised now I defiled them, seeing as they were Mag Blue. I have plans on getting them professionally sprayed back to their original colour.
  10. wow just found this post again, from when I thought i'd sell these wheels. Ends up they're 17x9 +0 (yes, 0 offset TE37's - they stick out further than my +12 9.5 TE37's). Long discontinued by Rays. Glad I kept them. The call for another set of TE37's is strong. Anyway .....back to my beer.
  11. Because it's great when you're driving 7/10 but at the limits (on the track) it's unpredictable and makes the rear end too floaty. In short great for the street/casual driving.
  12. awesome photo's. What's with the BNR32 bare chassis? Ex-group-A chassis?
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