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  1. hi can the earth effect it? and its running a ap engineering pfc so no error codes?
  2. hi my RB20det shits and farts between 2000 - 3000 rpm but if fine under boost and doesnt do it when its cold... ok i took it out for a decent drive today and is (censored) it self it splutters but only when its hot say ur in 4rd doing 50 km it starts to splutter but if u chop it down a gear and boost it, it goes fine all the way to redline. also noticed when it splutters the water temp gauge jumps all over the place in time with the spluttering here is what ive tried so far cleaned the afm new fuel filter hooked up the cold start and idle controller adjusted the tps voltage from .52v to .50 at idle changed the plugs changed the coils and igniter what else can i do? it was running mint then it went into storage for a year and now it runs like poos its got new 98 fuel in it too
  3. hey all just wondering if anyone can help me out? ive got ap engineering pfc for my 20det which is in my 32 now i want to put a rb25det in and was wondering if i can use my rb20 loom? ill be running top feed injectors and wont be running vct will this work? cheers
  4. hi all my RB20det has been in storage for a while and now with new fuel it shits and farts between 2000 - 3000 rpm but if fine under boost and doesnt do it when its cold... and it was running mint before it went into storage the only thing i did was adjust the butterfly on the throttle via the little screw to make it idle better will this have caused it to miss? Any ideas? Cheers Matt
  5. hi my RB20det shits and farts between 2000 - 3000 rpm but if fine under boost and doesnt do it when its cold... Any ideas? Cheers Matt
  6. any helpful infomation would be good
  7. hi im looking at putting a r34 rb25 neo + turbo in my r32 gtst has any one got any experence with this? the 25 comes with loom and comp and my 20 has big turbo,manifold,gate,injectors,pump,fmic,q45 afm and ap engineering power fc just wanting to know what i have to do to but the motor in Cheers Matt
  8. hi all just wondering what is needed internally to build a rb20det to produce over 300rwkws? are there any little tricks of the trade to building a solid rb? what oil and water pump should i run? what brand pistons,rods,bearings,bots are recommended? whats the max lift cams i can run with the standard valve springs? i have the turbo, injectors,exh mani, gate, pump and pump already. cher cher
  9. hmmm could go both ways on the turbos... not sure bout the loom and i already have the 20pfc Cheers
  10. hi just a quick question will a Ap engineering version Rb20det Apexi Power Fc be able to run a Rb26dett or should i get the 26 pfc? Cheers
  11. oh so its worth doing then... wat can be done to the crank to strenthen it? Cheers
  12. hi all just wondering if im going to rebulid my 20 with forged pistons is it worth while doing the rods too? how much power can they handle? my power goal is round as much as i can get lol Cheers
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