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  1. Does anybody know where i can get the main dash lights which illuminate the speedo/tacho and indicator repeaters.
  2. Recently had a battery failure on my M35 and after an unsuccessful attempt at jump starting when a new battery was fitted i found my speedo/tacho dash light wasn't working, neither are my indicator repeaters in the same dash, the reversing light audible warning is not working as is the door open with ignition key in audible warning also not working. Ivé checked all fuses in the 3 fuse boxes finding one blown which made no difference when replaced, has anybody got any suggestions as to what the problem could be as i'm no auto electrician.
  3. My M35 has recently developed an issue where oil residue is accumulating at the bottom of the pipe that goes from the intercooler up to the inlet manifold and when you stop a strong smell of oil comes in the cabin. I've pulled the intercooler and associated pipes off and cleaned inside them and checked all hose fittings the only one that i have not removed is the plastic pipe that runs up to the the manifold as it's difficult to get at the securing bolt without dismantling half the car. Could that pipe be split or does anybody have any other suggestions, the car has done 168.000 klms and has lost no performance.
  4. tailgate stop light Can anybody tell me how to access the stop light bulb in an M35 tailgate. I,ve had the panel which the light is mounted in off but cannot see anyway to get to the bulb, does the red cover come off from the outside, help please.
  5. Standard factory cloth seats Phil and all the plugs look to be ok but thanks for the offer of the seats will keep it in mind, really pisses me off that Nissan can build such a good car then stuff things up like this silly bloody airbag issue.
  6. Scott those numbers came up when Matty scanned the car, he,s previously had issues with airbag lights on different brands which have been bad connections, an item in the steering wheel and various others all a lot cheaper than new seats/belts
  7. Thanks Phil, Matty Cliff at Morgan Park Performance is looking into it for me so i,ll tell him your suggestion
  8. Sorry should have said 2002 m35 which has 150,000 klms on it with no issues apart from the airbag light
  9. Having the usual airbag light issue and cannot now cancel it by the ignition key method, had a diagnostic on it and the code B1161 CRD RH open was in history. Chris Rogers is saying new seat belts at $600 + each is the solution can anybody offer an alternative solution.
  10. I think this has been covered before but i can,t find it, i believe by changing 2 wires the tipotronic lever actuation can be reversed ie forward to downshift and back to upshift, the opposite to standard, can anybody verify this and what wires need swapping around
  11. 2002 dark blue m35 Stagea Nismo bodykit, shocks and lowered springs. 125,000klms 2 owners only with full service history, oil changed every 5000ks almost new tyres, reversing camera. Clean car, no mods apart from those stated, mature owner, genuine reason for sale. $14,250 ono phone Gerry on 0752846817 or email leoni.gerry@bigpond.com photos can be emailed on request
  12. I,ve just put a new airflow meter on my 2002 m35 and the engine check light is staying on, the car runs good so any suggestions or help please
  13. gerry whtie

    Gts 4

    Robbie i have used Gaven Woods in the past and found him to be excellent as he specialises in Skylines, Stageas, etc., His phone no.is 55292313 give him a call and tell him what you need. Good luck
  14. Hi Robbie i,m currently living in Aldinga Beach Rd., whilst working down here. I currently have a m35 and have had a 97 RS4, if you fancy a meet and natter reply on this post and we,ll arrange a meet. Sorry to hijack this post
  15. Thanks Ian for info, think earth is ok as main beam works so will look at that 3rd fuse box. Chris Rogers did the lights so thinking it,ll be a good job
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