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  1. Thanks mate.Sold it just a few hours ago for the asking price!!! That's right, if you've got the best, people are willing to pay for it. Damn, I'm going to miss my line...
  2. Thanks bud.There's a bit of interest around
  3. I need to sell my beloved 'Line because I have already bought a new car and I need to vacate the garage for my new ride. The car was complianced in early 2002, and came to Australia with 52,000km (I have the original advertisement and pics of car at dealership). The first Australian owner only had the car for 3 months (lost his licence) before I purchased it from him in July 2002 with 58,000km. It has only travelled 31,000 in nearly 5 years of my ownership. Needless to say I don't do many kms each year. It has been garaged every night since I bought it and rarely driven in the rain. I treat my cars with the utmost level of mechanical sympathy, and can guarantee that this car has never been thrashed in my hands. I have also had the car serviced every 5,000kms by the same brilliant mechanic who knows the history of the car. The car comes with a wide array of OEM parts and also has the user manual in the glovebox. Water pump and timing belt have been replaced. I have receipts for just about every cent that's ever been spent on this vehicle. 1992 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T 89,000km Excellent condition - especially the shine of the paint 11 months registration Black Manual Sunroof Nismo bodykit (side skirts & GTR front bar) - Have additional 'spare' rear pods/spats too Mick's Metalcraft 600x300x76mm front-mount intercooler Turbosmart dual-stage boost controller w/rocket-launcher switch (currently set to 12/14psi) - Still have the box 3-inch dump pipe and cat > 3.5-inch exhaust w/dual silencers > 5-inch tip Power Enterprises pod filter (less than 5,000km old) Excedy Heavy Duty clutch (less than 10,000km old) King Springs all round (lowered 2 inches) - Still have original springs Falken GRB451 225/50Z16 tyres (~10,000kms) Autometer Phantom boost gauge - Still have the box Greddy Turbo Timer MOMO Race steering wheel JVC KDS-785 CD/MP3 headunit (remote) w/Boston Accoustics speakers (deck comes with instruction manuals) White side-indicator lenses Custom number plates (subtle, but cool) - No yearly charge Asking $12,000 neg. Contact Oliver on 0401 057 830 or [email protected] - I am located in North-West Sydney. NB: Some photos show car fitted with carbonfibre bonnet and GTR wing. C/f bonnet is gone but GTR wing is still available for purchase with the car (or separately).
  4. Cheers! Usually my car gets checked (BOV, air filter, FMIC are noted as "Fail items" in the fail section) and he tells me to come back the next day, which is when he passes me...
  5. Basically anything you can get defected for... * Pod filter * Boost controller * Lowered * Exhaust * FMIC * A-pillar boost gauge * Aftermarket steering wheel....
  6. Hi guys, long time since Ive been on SAU.... Rego Time. Im not going back to where Ive been going the last 3yrs (kept jerking me around), so where can I get my pink slip done? I have all the basic mods that wont pass a pink slip, so does anyone know where I can go and be passed? I live in North-West Sydney, so a place close to this region would be best. PM me if you dont want to post the name of the place on here. Cheers.
  7. Didnt see too much rough there.... or am i going blind
  8. Clutch blew yesterday so i need a replacement/upgrade. Faily stock car, but wont ever have over 200rwkw. Where can i get a good price in Sydney? I've heard Excedy H/D clutches are quality items - what price and where from? Any other recommendations? I want something drivable and relatively cost effective. Cheers
  9. Too bad if you're in Sydney eh?? We've gotta pay more for everything! Anyone know of a cheap stockist in Sydney?
  10. My clutch blew yesterday so i am looking for a good replacement. Dunno shit about clutches. My car is fairly stock i.e. no more than 150rwkw and i dont expect to break 200rwkw. I wanna spend around $800. So far ive been quoted $1140 and $980. Any recommendations?
  11. Damn, was just about to post this... Yeah gotta love the glowing extractors.... if they can ever get the power to the ground i wonder what it'll run... maybe a high 9 on slicks?
  12. yes it does still work with the original latch - you just need to tinker with the angle of the latch to make it fit..... Bonnet + grille = SOLD
  13. Not sure if they are or aren't. All i know is that i have been pulled over by police for rbt etc and they have never looked twice at it. I highly doubt you'd have any dramas. Even if you did you just put back on your old one, clear up the defect and stick back on the c/f bonnet. My car is insured and they know about it and dont seem to care..... Im not offering any guarantees as obviously im in Sydney
  14. WRONG!!!!! If you'd read my first post you wouldve noticed that i said "This style of carbonfibre bonnet is the rarer of the two styles going around. As you can see from the pic it's not the UAS/Carmate style one." We all make mistakes, but get your facts right before you try and sabotage a someone else's sale. Let me repeat. This bonnet is rare. It is NOT available in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia as far as i know.
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