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  1. For sale r32 gtst fuel tank $50 Pickup Capalaba Brisbane
  2. For sale r32 gtst bonnet $200 in Gun Metal Grey Pickup Capalaba Brisbane
  3. R34 gtt TPS would anyone be kind enough to go take a pic of the first plug off the tps connector i just realised that i have no signal and its probably the fact i rewired it a little bit back and got the wires wrong thanks for you help in advance
  4. Thanks for the reply guys
  5. neo32

    Wtb Asap

    u have bearing carrier in brisbane pm with offer
  6. i have a greddy cooler only 600x300x70
  7. Had a issue earlier on in the year resulting in having to change the clutch wile i was there i got some arp flywheel bolts now the instrusticon say to use the lube on the face and thred locker on the thred but on the arp website it says not to use togeather and there seems to be a diffefence of peoples opion on the torque on the bolts and help would be awesome
  8. got a gtr and a gtt one in brisie bloody too heavy to post prob
  9. got any left for r32 gtst with gtr bonet?
  10. i got some make offer think i have 4 3 know working buy 3 get 4 lol
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