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  1. Out of all them J-spec. they wont take you for a ride, Plus also they are major sponsors of this website, which means they have a HELL OF A LOT to loose if something is screwd up in your dealings, as you will come here first.. heheh But ask j spec who is the supplier in Japan and get back to me.
  2. $200 is very good considering the shit it would get in the national drift comp, comming up next month Just make sure you take the extra insurance option.
  3. carbon is most likely lighter. but does it have any other uses other than looking good?
  4. Looks like Jap Parts is the first offical R32 Complaince. Wont be long now before others can complaince
  5. ¥9800x6 for SARD injectors ex japan plus ¥1680freight whcih equals. 668 + 19 freight = $687 is all that those SARD INJECTORS are worth.
  6. Anyone know of any RAW that can complliance an R32 under SEV in perth yet? and if not just how far away is it?
  7. I hate been vindictive but just be VERY careful as when you signup to a service of a broker as you are only sign away a fair bit of the ground you may be able to stand on if something goes wrong. My best bet if you don’t want to do the hard work, is, J-spec. At least they avoid the notorious dealer/s that other major mainstream brokers use, which is a damn good sign. Plus I have read here from poeples experiences that they will rectify any issues that you may have once your car gets here. I take it that you are in Perth given your interest in import101? If so go check things out locally. Paul at Autoworx is a genuine guy who looks after his customers, and has some killer bargains. Autoworx is good, as he is legally a car dealer as well as offering a broker service. Another one is if you want top quality you can not go past Auto Wholesalers on Shepperton Road Burswood. They are great, I take all those I help import there, as I know I wont have any issues with them complaining to me if there car has an issue, and you get a 3 year warrantee standard. Just that says a lot about the faith they have in there cars. If there is a slight chance that you want to import yourself, I HIGHLY recommend that you do a search on my user profile to receive all post posted by me. You will find a lot of information, and feedback with what other people have said. Information here is as good as gold. At the end of the day it is an option which you have to take up yourself. It is very good you have taken the actions in getting information from those that have imported. I'll end this post with rephrasing that, The Best advise is to you is to READ what you are signing away, (your own ground that you stand on) when you signup to a service.
  8. Here is a question. Can anyone pm me, the info, if they have it, of anyone who will regas the old system? with old gas
  9. Ok I have a fairly unique car given it has a blueprinted s15 in it, for a r32 GTS-t and it ‘looks’ [doesn’t mean it is] fairly modified under the bonnet. But anyway, I got someone to take it over the pits for me, who works in the industry on dealership plates. My mate just explained to them that it has an Ogura Double plate Brass button clutch which is noisy as f**k, and is really teavious [spelling]. Pretty much if you don’t engage the first plate [has like a 2mm catch zone] you wont engage the second plate fluidly well it will engage but you will bunny hop it or stall it. The inspectors comment was. "Just as well it isn’t a triple plate". This was the inspectors at Welshpool. My mate went with the inspector when he drove. Evently he stalled it nearly every time. I believe it depends solely on the person you get on the day and how understanding they are. Another thing we did, as I have powerfc and it isn’t tuned for the air conditioner, is that we kept the windows down, so the inspector wouldn’t turn the aircon on. As if he did the car would have idled really bad and evently stalled.
  10. I dont know if this has been covered but I just found you that you can get number rating for the knocking levels with your car. Just press the UP arrow, and it will show digits for knocking. So basically it will show you the peak, in a digit and not just upon the bar graph
  11. Mark Hocking. Search his name on these Forums. You only get good feedback with him, Plus there is loads of information to go along with your search which will help you. So do a Search of the forums and you will find people who were in the same situation as yourself. Even PM them and ask how they went
  12. Have you considered importing without a BROKER?
  13. My old man has a 12HT landcruiser. the strongest engine toyota built, in his Landcruiser. His model is 87 so you can still import them under the 88 rule. They are damn nice cars on the inside. and the PTO winch is nice, my old man got a custom built bull bar made to concell it all. I can give you contacts to get one built. If you get one, make sure you buy a 4x4 from the south of Japan. Advoid all 4x4 from the north where there is snow! And you will get a ripper of a 4x4. I can get you photos of what you can expect in a 87 model Landcrusier.
  14. Two parking bays. THat is smart!
  15. Nice! I will have to pop down to see where you work Nigel! Maybe you can take me for a drive in one of your GT-R V-SPEC.
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