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  1. Its all sold pending a bank transfer. I'll keep you updated if it falls through
  2. Not sure on kms. I did roughly 10,000km in the car whilest owning it. First owner in Australia. Due to standard injectors I kept the power around 270-280. It hasn't had to a hard time. Mr Skids the brand is"Cusco"
  3. I have one with a Nismo 320kmh speedo $275
  4. Have a 3.5" with 3" rear muffler $150. Has 2 mufflers
  5. I have some $40 for two. Gives you a backup incase one isn't any good
  6. I have a 3.5" system with a 3" rear muffler $150 in Melb
  7. RB26DETT Engine for sale in Melb. Removed from a R32 GTR that was my weekend car. Sold the shell with plans to find a better shell. Have since moved on from the car scene. Note : These parts are from a running motor that hasn't had an exhaust wheel go through it unlike most stripped motors. All parts are in good condition as removed. Complete head including inlet, inj, all sensors, all covers, coil packs and ignition module, exhaust manifolds and dumps, adjustable cam gears $1750 Complete bottom end with N1 pistons, sump, oil cooler etc $1250ono (can still see hone marks clearly). No scores. Beautifully balanced! Starter motor $150 Alternator $150 AFM to turbo inlet pipes and BOV pipe $100 Twin turbo pipe $80 Trust hard pipe with two injectors. Guard to inlet $100 Factory PS oil cooler $100 Factory intercooler lower mounts $50 Engine alloy mounts to suit R32 $100 Engine loom to ECU $150 Resistor pack for injectors $150 Can do injectors and resistor pack for $350 for RB20 upgrade Standard cam gears x3 $15 each Coil packs $25 each Cusco strut braces $150 3" cat back exhaust $150 I don't have anymore parts so please don't ask. Also stupid questions will result in stupid answers
  8. They will run with a dead coil pack. Just miss a little. You can unplug them and still start rb's
  9. No way you would ever bother fixing it. Part is out. You would have had most if the money back already.
  10. Have one in Vic that came out of a running car $150
  11. I have a 32 GTR dash cluster with a Nismo 320kmh speedo in it in Melb. $240
  12. I have a motor in Vic. Came out of my own car when I parted it out.
  13. I have the inlet plenum side. Its a hks or trust hard pipe with two rx7 injectors mounted in it $50. In Melb
  14. I have a 3.5 inch with 3"cat flange and a 3" rear muffler. It isn't to loud. $150 because I'm sick of stepping over it. In Seaford but oftern head towards Rowville area
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