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  1. I loved the 34. It absoutely broke my heart to sell it. But we will have to get back out there for another go. I can't wait !!
  2. Thanks Chris. I have heard you are getting some good skills and knowledge around the 35s these days too...
  3. I woke up in the middle of the night with terrible chest pains. Snowy. What are you doing to me? I think the one I am buying is tip top anyway. It's had a ton of Willall improvements made to the transmission and I won't be caning it non stop. I've never experienced a car like it. I am astounded at what a great car Nissan have made this time. I reckon it would keep up with my Honda superbike.
  4. holy shit Do I really want to do this? Snowy has nearly put me off with how many breakables there are on these things and the costs. Fortunately, it has a transmission cooler already. Now I am half scared. I though a 35 was a strong car.... maybe I should get another EVO instead. That thing was farking bullet proof and it was quick too in the hills. You could guarantee to get a passenger to wimper with fear...
  5. yep, it's a pre-done road car with a good setup for the track. I won't be fiddling any more than it's been fiddled with. I have heard I need a mortgate for the oil changes but that's something I'm willing to suck up. I should have my backside in it in two weeks from now. wooo hoooo
  6. After a long period of poorness, an EVO8MR, boats and motorbikes, I'm coming back to GTR world. My ass has finally healed from having Beno hit it dry (I spent way too farking much at Racepace) It's now time !! Bring on the 35 !! It's time to tear up the track..
  7. If I didn't already have an EVO 8 MR now and still had my R34 GTR, I'd super keen.
  8. Hi, I have one brand new set of Hawk HT10 race pads and one set of near new Bendix street pads. These pads suit an AP 6 piston calliper or a Harrop 6 piston calliper. Cost me 500 for the Hawk HT10s alone. You can have both sets for $400.. 0425 739 332
  9. happy to accept offers or they are destined for the tip.
  10. as per the title, I have a standard set of upper and lower front control arms for the R34 GTR. $200.00 0425 739 332
  11. In excellent condition. In Melbourne $800.00 0425 739 332
  12. its sold. well done Simon. Not sure about these guys taking engineering certificates and epa bullshit. RTA only need a receipt and a blue slip. They don't even need to see the car. For everyone else in NSW, you are going to be "owned" by Simon !!
  13. Selling the GTR is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. I'm booking in for councilling next week to get over it. I've signed up for a year of treatment. I'll need hypnotheorapy, meditation, drugs, very sad!
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