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  1. Anyone selling a HR31 GTSX? I'm looking at buying one that's fairly stock and well maintained. Inbox me if you're contemplating selling one
  2. Hey guys. I'm on the hunt for a HR31 GTSX or GTSR. I don't want something over the top, or something that needs major work if you're considering selling your HR31 coupe, inbox me please. It'll be going to a good home, that I can promise
  3. $21,000 FIRM, no swaps either please Anyone that knows these kinds of cars, knows that 302rwkw with these mods is impressive, and a great point to start throwing more supporting mods to. The wheels are staggered and has 275's on the rear so the grip is there, the genuine boss bonnet is already done, the brakes have recently been replaced The car is basically done, for someone to drive as a daily and have a 300rwkw beast. Come take it away
  4. Yep sorry mate. Has just ticked 160,000KM Call or SMS for a quicker response.
  5. I've just got my daily buzzbox on the road fellas so this really needs to be sold. Will be driven once a week to keep the charge going, that's how serious I am about a sale
  6. Time to sell my beloved FPV F6 Typhoon in Mercury Silver. The mrs wants to buy a block of land together so the money I get for this will help towards my end of the bargain. It's in pretty damn good condition and well looked, the car has been clear from accident's and has no encumbrance owing on it. Comes in the ZF 6-speed auto which is driving very well, no leaks or anything like that from anywhere on the car. It really is extremely clean and now comes with a full year registration I have just fitted up a brand new set of 20" Silver Agent STAGGERED wheels and tyres, with a whopping pair of 275's on the rear for premium grip and safety. An original XR8 bonnet has also been fitted to it, so there is not much left to do aesthetically. The front and rear brakes were recently replaced costing over $1,800 so you're basically getting brand new Brembo's to go with it. Other than the wheels and XR8 bonnet, the car has just had $3,000 spent on mild performance goodies. Just had a set of 90lb injectors fitted, a high-flow catalytic converter for better breathing, a Plazmaman intercooler, Bluepower CAI and a custom tune, pumping out 302KW at the wheels a mild 13psi. Comes will full service history and the most recent service done at Bluepower was a performance service, achieving great results. The car really has no faults at all so it will pass any inspection and roadworthy by anybody's standards. Happy to provide roadworthy and undergo any sort of test. No time wasters and low-ballers please. The car is extremely clean inside and out, is at an awesome price of $21,990, I have a little room to negotiate as I do need it gone, but no swaps please. A genuine sale Can assist with transporting to interstate buyers Contact Manny on 0488582587
  7. No swaps thanks... And I'm not gonna drive it to Adelaide and walk back. You can fly here, or come down yourself... Or I can meet you half way if you deposit the money into my account because I don't want to waste my time and effort for nothing
  8. Just got back from interstate and it's still in my driveway. Someone make me a decent offer and it's yours. An awesome daily!
  9. Bump. No swaps, need a cash sale. Make a serious offer and it's yours!
  10. Just took it for a spin now and remembered it has a Viper alarm/immobilizer and forgot to mention it has an MP3 player head unit and good speakers all round including 6x9's in the rear parcel shelf.
  11. Any offers boys? Would really like this little beast gone
  12. HAHA yeah it's awesome. Goes crazy and sounds awesome! Engine bay pic folks http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/195/20120523125939.jpg/
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