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  1. 2005 evo 9 loved it had wish I bought another which I did buy another evo but was a evo 7 with 8 motor haha, evo 9 are great for daily but I found the six speed not up for the task on the highways. I'm gonna really miss this bad boy when it's gone soon to a new home!!!
  2. Check the contact wiring underneath near the rear diff.
  3. Jsai z tune front fenders bnr34 Purchased this awhile ago brand new from jsai (just jap) for bnr34 z tune copy. Pick up from areas around Brisbane $650 0403880106 ali
  4. I reckon you will make it, but you'll need around 40psi these turbos love boost. I'm using 6870 1.0 rear just made 488hp on 15psi 98 pump fuel. Nothing to serious as it's just a run in tune my motor is only 2.7 and not built for 98 pump. Also it was on a mainline dyno 4wd
  5. Second run in tune, 15psi 98 pump mainland dyno 4wd
  6. Will post at own cost and no it's not new
  7. R34 Gtr Haltech platinum pro plug in play ecu $1850
  8. Yes it does over flow happens to me, so I made an overflow tank. also have a look at the clutch slave hoses and make sure there not twisted or kinked. overflow tank is top left, old plastic bottle did the trick for abit 😐
  9. Hi I have brand new carbon front lip diffuser oem style Gtr r34, pick up only Brisbane $650