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    HI This is all confusing for me but I am prepared to put up the $50 to keep it going. My car is the same as Brazen's so I will need one for the Neo and Tiptronic. Thanks for the hard hours you blokes have allready done. Gary PS just give me details when you need the money
  2. Hello Bargaining is and will be a way of life but to badmouth someone because they won't sell to you for a cheaper price is just being an arsehole. I have seen cases where not even a buyer has made comments, stay out of it, if it is too pricey that is the sellers fault and he probably won't sell it so leave it at that Gary
  3. I don't seem to have much luck with carriers as I just had an electric scooter delivered today by IPEC and the box was literally torn apart. This wasn't a crush job but someone ripping the box apart to see what it was, then they must have dropped it all 38kgs of it. The driver was too busy to stay around to inspect it for damage and lucky for me it wasn't too bad and suprisingly the driver did know what was in it. They not only manhandled it but opened it up as well, but when you ring up to complain the company denies any responsibility as it wasn't their fault. This is why I originally started this thread, so is there a company out there prepared to stand up and promise what people have payed for? Gary
  4. Hello I just replaced the brakes on my Stagea and I too thought the pedal was going down too far, so I took it to a brake shop to check it out. No problems and worth the money just to get it checked out even just for the peace of mind. Gary
  5. Is this still for sale? Has it been removed yet? Please send me blood Bank details. Thanks Gary
  6. Gary2

    What Interior/trim

    No Photos My car is pearl white. Wheels are/were the same as what is on the silver and blue coloured cars. Seats are black like the ones in the first photo at the top. Door trim is black like the one in the second top photo. I think you could end up with any variation depending on what boxes were ticked when it was first purchased. You should tell us what colour your car is? I think the options in the pictures look good, so I don't think you will be disapointed. Gary
  7. Gary2


    Sorry No ignorance on your part because if you don't know you just ask, to me that is not ignorance. You need an oil cooler to cool the oil in your Auto, but there are specific coolers just for autos that don't need to be high pressure like an engine oil cooler as they don't usually have to cope with the same type of pressure. My plan is to modify my standard intercooler to an auto oil cooler when I mount my front mount intercooler as it is nice and large and allready mounted somewhere. I am allso fitting an engine oil cooler under the R/H/F guard, Not for racing but because of the temp we get here and too hot oil is not good. SK fitted the largest heavy duty one he could buy as he uses his car for towing a race car which would cause his auto oil to get very hot and his standard one just wouldn't cope. For an unmodified car that dosen't get any abuse, an upgraded oil cooler is a good idea, but for something that gets worked a bit it is a must. After a good drive when you stop put your hand on or around your shift lever you can feel the heat radiating through. Hope this helps or maybe my ramblings are more confusing. Gary
  8. Must be TROPPO season still
  9. Gary2


    The problem I encounted sounds to be common in the B autos but I don't know what the difference between the A and B except what I stated earlier. The worst problem for Auto's is heat so oil cooler is a must. I had a problem but I wouldn't swap this box for a manual. Gary
  10. Gary2


    NO Valve body not done, just the 2 welsh plugs in the 2 center holes as per the shift kit. The auto shop said that doing the valve body would quicken/tighten the shifts up a bit more but I am happy the way it is now and will spend the money on some good oil when I do my cooler. Gary
  11. My 5 cents. My brake upgrade has just finished and although I didn't think the original ones weren't that bad my advice to you all is upgrade now if you are thinking of making any mods to your car. I went the GTR33 brembo way but I think any 4 spots on the front and twins on the back are the way to go, with some decent pads. My Stag is a series 2 with ABS and 17 inch Rays N1 rims. Discs and calipers bolted straight on, with mods to the inner rotor/disc shield/cover using an angle grinder as I didn't want to take off the hubs as the 33 rotors were bigger diameter than standard. Try and get the original R33 hoses with the calipers as it makes life a bit easier to install as my connections were the banjo fitting where the 33 were the screw in type, but the banjo fitting will bolt up if you file(fine) flat the surface they bolt to(take off all the paint) and shorten the banjo bolt by about 1/4 inch. Sound a bit rough but I had them checked by a brake shop who said it was OK and soon to put on braided lines anyway. My braking is now awesome especially with the ABS and if it saves me once, it will pay for itself,(well nearly) in not having to pay excess on my insurance. The master cylinder is fine in coping with the extra and bigger brake pistons. I had a chance to compare the size of the m/cylinder with the one on a R34GT and visually the Stag one looked bigger but I didn't have a tape measure to be exact. Remember my Stag is a series 2 so I don't know about series ones and although I used Brembo's the fittings should be the same as 4/2 spots off a R33. I hope this can help someone and sorry no pics. Gary PS 16inch rims will fit on the back but not on the front.
  12. Gary2


    It's fixed Got it done yesterday and with the welsh plug mod the shifts are better with the flaring in the shifts nearly gone alltogeather so the changes are quicker but not to brutal. Highly reccomend this for the later box's as the shift kits don't fit, cooler coming soon. Gary
  13. I hope this can be made a sticky. Freight companies : Who have you used : Good, Bad costs : Good, Bad This is for senders and receivers. I received a box from TNT that had been crushed, with the elec fan inside broken and someone knew they had done it as the corner of the box had been ripped open a little bit to have a look. TNT didn't seem to care too much. Pack and Save I had good service but large light items can be expensive. Post Office do not ignore the post to send items, if using Express, items tend to be looked after better. Any More?
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