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  1. just got a couple of online quotes, $100 - $120 seems to be the range. plenty of tyre places on ebay selling new tyres at (relatively) cheap prices delivered, would like to know who they use...
  2. Already started at best price.... I paid $1000 for these new, so $250 with 60%-70% tread left is a bargain.
  3. Tyres are in great condition. Those spots seen in the pic, are just wet spots after rolling them through a puddles to get them outside for the pics...
  4. Item: 4 Hankook K104 Tyres Age: 18 - 20 months??? Condition: 60% - 70% tread, no punctures, just came off car that is always in lock up garage, no camber wear Price: $250 To Fit: any car requiring 18" tyres Location: Melb - Cheltenham (near moorabbin airport) Contact: George - 0421 345 340 Comments: Will only ship interstate if buyer organises freight, and pick up from my home.
  5. Can you please check the tyres - brand and model, as without this info, I cant tell you if I would want them or not. Thanks, George
  6. what Tyres do they come with, and what are the tyre sizes? any previous repairs to the wheels? Any scrapes, buckles? do you have any pics?
  7. Damn, you're 4 hours too late, I just got one today. What version is it out of curiosity? and how old?
  8. I'm after a chipped PS2 (normal or slimline, dont care). Dont care for games either, as long as it has memory card and at least one controller. Must be in good working order. located in melb. Cheers
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