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  1. Buy a haltech dash, then you can plug it in and turn the key and go.
  2. I love these! So good for header bolts/turbos
  3. In. But will have to pay later. Someone bring a spare ls1 please.
  4. See here http://www.supraforums.com/forum/showthread.php?522377-FAQ-VVTi-2JZGTE-Facts-differences-and-conversion-information Apparently I had a senior moment and must have been thinking the Toyota V8s (xUZ) series and not the JZ So pretty much ignore the stuff above about the VVTi 2JZ being weaker.
  5. You'd be thinking of nates car. Was mint. The built cars are out there. Just have to keep looking. I gave up because I decided I wanted a new dirtbike and a ute
  6. You dont want VVTi! Smaller ports and toothpick esque con-rods Edit - plus nothing from the earlier motor fits the vvti head, so exhaust manifolds, cams, inake manifolds etc from memory 30k Will get you quite a nice one See here - https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Toyota-Supra-1993/SSE-AD-4446612/?Cr=5 This one looks like it is sold but..... 93 will have the small brakes, but not hard to upgrade, but at 26k it gives you a bigger budget for parts
  7. Post 94, but pre 97 you want the big brakes, but not the vvti motor. I looked for ages and all the local ones had too many fast and the furious mods, or were thrashed to within an inch of their lives So find a stock one, throw the factoy turbos in the bin where they belong, add a decent single turbo, (EFR8374 would be my choice) and a set of drop in cams. an 4" exhaust (nothing jap branded is any good!!!) 10" wide wheels front and rear and some decent suspension and you'll have a reliable car that can be driven to and from the track.
  8. Stage 3 nitrous or 3 stage nitrous?
  9. They are floating to stop knock back.... Did you read our responses?
  10. Not directly related. but a full floating front rotor on my motocross bike made a big difference. Pad knock back is not a major issue on a dirt bike(we have proper floating calipers as well). but the front brake is more consistent and the bite point is always in the same spot now and if the same rotor is good enough for Toby Price to win Dakar with then it is way too good for me
  11. CHANGE THE PLUGS!!! You can't "clean" iridium plugs throw some copper plugs in, check them in a couple of weeks, If 3 is rusty or coated in coolant than it is head off. Or spend a few hundred bucks on a wrecker motor.
  12. Maf sensor wire covered in k+n filter oil?
  13. Arp makes cam cap bolts and tomei puts then in very very expensive packaging lol
  14. Many [email protected]!! Nearly 280km/h in a car that weight is awesome!
  15. I work on a motorway in sydney.....so the shit I see on a daily basis is cringe worthy. But most of it has nothing to do with speeding. One that comes to mind is a women who decided to stop in the left lane to breast feed her distraught baby in peak hour. Dont know the full details...but no ambulance was required.....
  16. With People spending more time with their eyes glued to the Speedometer rather than the road, It isn't at all surprising.
  17. Hi Act folks Thought I'd chuck this up here too
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