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  1. Skyline, nah cant trust society and these loose laws on scumbags so rather not have the headache of it being stolen. Thinking Stagea again, didn't get to have my fun with the last one due to gearbox rebuild issues and rust of a Gemini. The dude I sold the Stagea too ended up doing some work to it. bigger turbo... forward facing plenum... fuel setup....ecu setup ...coilovers and the good old 20inch chromies :S I actually found it a couple of years ago on Gumtree going for $5,000. would've been nice for parts if i had storage for it. ahhh I remember you fast asleep while everyone was about to leave lol
  2. tis' fancy huh! Driving nothing, making the most of Myki currently lol If all goes to plan possibly some wheels by end of the year.... maybe something to match my plates again ? Finally got into my old email account to get my password reset for here to start looking through everything again. Been a looooooooooooong time, good to see the OG names still roaming around :)
  3. M6.. That is all.. Other then that.... For shaaaame Dezz!
  4. King street this morning Melbourne
  5. Boobs boobs boobs Now we sit and wait
  6. haha GE are ruthless, As the big man Hamish said if its paid and your getting knocked back its a huge mistake on GE's behalf or there might be something else you might of been done for and not known about it. Listing is 5yrs min 7yrs max... 11yrs down the track, and paid... i'd say Veda report check. If paid and still listed by GE ... call GE and get them to update there sh*t You should be in the green and have a perfect credit rating if paid and 5yrs have gone by.. or 11 haha... no one should be able to even see it but GE
  7. Hey man, Apply with Julia Ross or Randstand... they are white color recruitment that get you in with banks and stuff like that. Then once in, bust your ass to go in the right department you might have to put up with a not so exciting department for a while but hey, your getting paid and your resume looks good to step up
  8. Ahhhh yes .... when Monash was around the corner and I had a car lol
  9. haha after reading all the informative information and insight to this dudes situation..... Nick comes along with a ghey comment.... as usual lol Hey Jamie, i'll grab his details tonight .. him and his wife are here on a working visa, his wife is working for us and we have agreed to sponsor her so that gives him a free ticket to stay also i think... But not being able to work is getting to him as it would alot of people so he is thinking of going back to Ireland, thus will see her follow
  10. omg another ghey stupid trend to take over....
  11. Hey Dude, i live in Moonee Ponds, amongst all the euro sports cars the stageas stand out... seen a heap of grey and black, yet to see a white one though Photos and rego would help alot otherwise its just another Stagea
  12. Anyone know of any kind of full time work for a hardworking very flexible 27yr old guy Factory work Kitchen hand Labourer Car yards And anything in between Has his honours in biochemical engineering if anyone knows of any labs He is based in Cbd but is willing to travel Anything will be appreciated
  13. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/nissan-200sx-1997-14562858?base=1216&vertical=Car&cr=4&eapi=2&__N=1246%201252%201247%201282%204294963846%204294963493%20903%201216&num=15&silo=Stock&sort=LastUpdate Just sayin.
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