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  1. why not just crack the caliper bleeder, and let it run through. start rear right, then left, then front right then left. might need 2 rounds of hte car to get all the air out. trick is to not get air in the abs in the first place if you can help it :S
  2. would you believe there is NONE IN AUSTRALIA apparantley !!!!!!!! bloody bob jane.
  3. oh thats great to hear ! thanks for that ! i must admit i have never reallly paid attention to advans purely due to cost, and knowing they are usually awesome but thats about it. Thanks for the help mate.
  4. oh sweet ! thanks, i didnt even consider them, as usually advan gear is hella expensive. how do they go in the wet ? and track?
  5. has anyone actually compared the RSRR to the RS3 in the wet? i have had about 4 sets of RSR due to bang for buck on my S15.. so im lining up a set of 595 RSRR pricing atm, and pretty keen on them, unless someone can sway me towards the RS-3 got a set of RE003 on the xr5 stock, and they are an awesome all round street tires
  6. price drop !!!!!!!!!! $1400 for everything - I Want It Gone! its a brand new turbo and kit for bolt on application for s15 - just need the intake pipe 3" and a 2" silicon 90d bend for the compressor outlet. included in the Kit Billet Turbochargers D-GTA 56trim (480hp rated turbo - new) bolts for blocking water jacket and brass washers. s15 xforce dump pipe (used) oil feed line (used for 4000kms) oil return line (used for 2000kms) and random gaskets that i didnt use - its a $20 MTQ Soniq gasket kit i used.
  7. FOR SALE – BRAND NEW BOLT ON TURBOCHARGER AND KIT FOR S14/S15 SR20 PACKAGE PRICE - $1600 for quick sale PM me for details or reply to this thread and ill PM you. BRAND NEW TURBO! RRP $1699 (I purchased lines and fittings for $200 cost me over $2000 all up and practically giving away stuff to clear out the shed) Billet D-GTA (56 Trim) Turbocharger Turbocharger rated by manufacturer - 300hp to 480hp Compressor wheel Billet-D, Inducer 53.1mm, Major 71mm. 56 trim. Compressor cover Billet-B .60 A/R, 3” inlet, 2” outlet. Turbine wheel Billet-GTA. Major 53.8mm, Exducer 47mm. Turbine exhaust housing GT28 Open .64 A/R Includes Bracket, 19psi Actuator can, rod and flap assembled. **Turbocharger has been modified by billet (MTA) for increased oil cooling ***Billet turbochargers and MTA are same company www.billetturbochargers.com Reason for sale: I changed direction with my S15 build, new engine in the mix and went to a bigger T3 series turbo and oil feed filter this time. This turbo is perfect for a fast street car or track work! Due to the ballbearing system, the transient response and spool up is brilliant. Has potential for upwards of a responsive 260+ rwkw on a silvia with supporting mods (which I was aiming for) About this product: I have had this turbo on my car for 4000 kms. It was then rebuilt they reused housings cleaned and made made as new, but brand new CHRA, new internals, including new compressor and exhaust wheels, larger oil cooling and optimized design This turbo performs VERY well, I believe it spools up faster than Garrett GT2871. on full song – 20psi before 3800rpm, Custom made Billet turbocharger by billetturbochargers (http://www.mtaturbo.com) Just need a 3” intake also highly recommended, as stock air pipe will suck its self shut and a 2”elbow to connect turbo to hot pipe. Autobarn or pirtek (cheaper) u can source these elbows. (Turbo got remade as I must have had some crap in the engine and caused blockage to the turbo causing it to overheat, billetturbochargers (MTA) replaced the old turbo free of charge with a whole new unit with modifications to the CHRA for additional cooling as I had a concern with it. Includes a new modified oil restrictor which fits inside oil feed line at turbo feed side) Additional items included in this sale: Xforce Split Dump pipe – dremel modified to suit this turbo waste gate flap. Oil feed line Oil return line 2xm14 bolts for water deletion (S15) Gasket kit for turbo to manifold installation Note: Reuse your stock manifold, turbo exhaust studs, and follow all instructions by MTA in box. See pix of turbo, I will add other pix when I can get to my olds place to take some.
  8. ok so since we last spoke sau... i bought an official APEXi kit, from streeter who was very helpful as always.. it comes with the flow data to punch into the pfc for maf calibration, how i interpolated the nistune data, was obviously incorrect.... you can see my the graph attached the r35gtr right and left banks is my interpolation of the nistune data. unfortunatley i f**ked that up somewhere. and its always easier to get data from someone who has actually tested and aquired it. so i decided to go this route for something different, its cost is a bit cheaper than a Z32, and i wont be aiming for anything near 300rwkw (about what hte z32 can handle on a sr apparantly - no idea. never tried or seen) so thought id throw this up for the benefit on anyone else going down this path with a power fc.. cheers.
  9. totally agree. if your afrs are 12 on full boost... you have to reduce timing. knocks of 120 is deffo not good what so ever. if it were me, id knock 4 degrees of timing out of hte map and diagnose. if its knocking its tits off on full boost WOT above 3000 rpm, you know where abouts it will be in the map by looking at the tracer function of your hand controller and set it to Map trace to record where hte map runs. if its still knocking, remove more timing.. then once its stopped knocking stupid amounts, start to add in more timing, to bring your powr levels back up. you should be tuning this with a wide band also, to make sure your afrs are all good. food for thought. my SR20 runs 9 degrees timing on full boost mid-high end of rev / load range. on 16psi boost. 11.5-12 afrs and knock peaks at 18 usually. my mates r33 skyline, was running 12psi. reasonably rich afr's and it started knocking its absolute tits off. +120. found that that the nipple in the hot pipe for hte boost control was just screwed in... it came loose. and caused it to knock its tits off. fixed it properly, and knock settled down to about a max of 30 off memory. it was many years ago that happened now.
  10. ya onto it now. yep im tuning it my self. hence why im trying to get as much data as i can ... and yes your right. once the curve is pretty right with respects to resolution. you can fix up the fuel map to suit the needs of the tune. the tuning side isnt the concern, just the R35 afm data is lol!
  11. so the question is, where did you find the Flow table vs voltage to tune the thing? so i have interpolated with averages between nistune and apexi. fark... its rough as guts, but it could be a start... iv contacted apexi to see if they have any data i can use.
  12. lol point taken. still early days for me with this all. never bothered to look into r35 afm really. and was a quick look on the interwebs too. z32 afm is still $320 :|
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