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  1. there is zero interest in the coupes, and even less in sedans. Took me 4 months and several price drops to sell my 250GT which was pretty mint, even then went for less than 4k
  2. Totally get that - many people out there say the 90's were a golden age for Jap cars and I was in the same minset for many years, until a car came along and totally changed my views on modern cars That car was Renaultsport Megane RS275, I hired one from Hertz and took up the Old Pac to check out the Gosford Car Museum. Went thru a set of 45kph corners at 90+ and had a bit of an epiphany - the handling, the damping, the stability, the sharp steering were all first rate and I had not even reached the limits of the car... and this was a stocker that at the time could have been bought for less than 20k for an older model Only reason I dont have one today is that the fker is too wide for my narrow driveway
  3. 😂 i have given up on the prospect of GT-R ownership. im not a car flipper with deep pockets and even though i could put myself in debt quite easily, i simply refuse to pay top dollar for tired cars with questionable history, accident damage, rust, iffy mileage, worn interiors and engines that could go pop at any moment
  4. so tru my nugget fiesta drives so much better than the s14 that i no longer care for driving it better brakes, better seats, faster, sharper steering, super slick gearshift, perfectly weighted pedals with no slop, awesome oem suspension and tyres (AD08R's), the fake but still cool induction noise, the driving position... list goes on
  5. PDR for anything without paint damage. Pretty amazing what a good PDR tech can do, even large dents
  6. So, got this as a new daily and keeping the S14 as a weekender... turns out, as a driving experience this thing does everything better than the Nissan, with the exception of ride quality. 20 years of progress 😁
  7. Love the attention to detail! Looking great
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