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  1. this might help - https://www.viczcar.com/forum/topic/1704-rb25de-into-240z-conversion/
  2. Yep. I recall seeing a mint R33 GT-R for sale in QLD with almost 300,000 on the clock. Was way better than all the other cars with 75-125k on the odometer
  3. 242k km on it and in better shape than the majority of others with half the mileage. amazing
  4. I sorted the high mount stop light on my old 250GT for $12.50 plus my own time - bought a Red 12 volt SMD LED strip from eBay, mounted it to a piece of black plastic and glued the whole thing into the existing housing. Looked great, worked great, passed inspection with zero issues
  5. I always thought that US buyers want the authentic "JDM yo" experience of getting a GT-R out of Japan. Exporting a car from Oz just won't have the same appeal to the murican buyers. It may happen once the cars become really scarce but since they are mass produced there is no real shortage (not including the limited edition stuff of course)
  6. Sellers are pretty happy to just leave their cars up for sale and not budge on the prices. Sometimes prices go up too, one R33 almost doubled, even after being on sale for many months
  7. Prices may be high, but the cars are not moving. We dont have the american hunger for the GT-R and 99% of buyers will simply walk away, especially when most cars on sale are junk and not even worth half their asking price
  8. Far out 18 years. I'm not far behind, had mine for 17 years and it's back to 100% oem now, except for the stereo
  9. I had my front bearings replaced due to noise, didn't fix the problem. Turned out to be my 14 year old rock hard tyres - check that first before replacing all bearings
  10. It does work yes. But generally recommended for light to medium dirt buildup, so I wouldn't use the method on a really filthy car. When i was driving my S14 every weekend, I would clean it every Sunday night with a quick detailer and 2x clean microfibre cloths - never had issues with swirls or scratches
  11. this would my choice in your situation: https://www.zas.com.au/product/419/optimum_no_rinse_wash_and_shine_946ml.html and a useful "how to" video:
  12. Sounds like my R34 sedan experience - although my seller was a lot more honest about its history and condition. I still lost interest and flogged it after having it sitting around for a couple of years and losing about 3-4k on various repairs and upgrades
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