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  1. I sold my R34 sedan for a fair price, with poorly repaired accident damage, busted transmission solenoids and a leaky head gasket. It was up for sale for 3x the price a week later after getting registered plus a wash and wax... 🤔
  2. Seems a bit thin actually. Would be a lot thicker if a repaint
  3. Very tidy... compared to some other junk on sale for similar prices
  4. If the choice was between those two only, then Supra. Would definitely be the better driving experience out of the two. For the money tho, none of them, I'd go for the Alpine A110
  5. Back in the day when I had free time, I would disassemble the front end, bin any broken parts, tow the car to a panel shop and get them to sort out the front end structure. Then bring it back home for reassembly with second hand parts and possibly paint, or cashie job by a painter Would be a decent saving but you would need a panel shop willing to do that kind of work, most will ask you to politely gfto
  6. Pretty sure its still running Nissan Consult protocol. As for the rest hard to say, used to have a similar issue with the old V6 Magnas, and was generally resolved by cleaning the throttle body
  7. it all sounds like normal maintenance items, which probably were not done by previous owners. plus the usual model specific issues. cant expect an old car with that much mileage to be perfect
  8. I've got the Tarzan and Jane of Jungle just swung in on the vine this morning, mate. I'm telling you, this could turn a Hare Krishna into a bad boy.
  9. Looks like it was picked up and moved by a forklift a few times
  10. battery could be overfilled and leaking acid. or alternator overcharging, check that too
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