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  1. I had a full quarter + one door done by Sefton Smash. Top quality work
  2. For the price of a stock R34 you may as well buy a current model RS6 and add this https://www.mtm-usa.com/collections/rs6-avant-c8/products/mtm-ecu-conversion-stage-4-audi-rs6-c8-1001hp and still have a useable stupid fast car
  3. I would buy a locally delivered Infiniti FX instead. Pretty much the same thing with less insurance and parts hassles and a lot less chance of odometer tampering.
  4. Hate taking my cars anywhere, have had more damage done by shops than care to remember. Even my most recent visit to a tyre shop resulted in chips and rattle gun marks on all four wheels. Complained to the manager who was willing to hear me out but left it as I didnt want them pawing at the car anymore or offering shit fixes that would make things even worse. Panel shops are my biggest pet hate. Orange peel, buffer marks or buffer damage on trim, overspray, sinking filler with under paint scratches, broken clips, loose piece of trim, fisheyes, visible paint edges, poor colour match, list goes on. Of all the panel work I had ever done, I was only happy twice.
  5. 35 bucks for 5 litres full synth 10w-40 Nulon. My tractor spec SR has a much quieter top end on the stuff
  6. If its been 6 years since the ceramic was applied and the car has been driven regularly, its all gone by now. Probably time to re-do it. Proper coatings wont be removed if you put other products over the top, but you will probably waste the products as they wont stick to the ceramic. Best to use a specific cermaic booster spray
  7. And that warranty is completely worthless. Read the fine print and you will see how bad it really is.
  8. I would say give the tracker its own hidden lithium battery+charger that will turn on from the ACC curcuit. Bonus security if the car is ever pinched and battery disconnected
  9. The flashes are described here. In your case it looks like shift solenoid B at fault
  10. i found this thread useful when i had my r34:
  11. That reminds me of a gunmetal S1 Ti that belonged to a granny with less than 30,000 on the odo. She wanted 4k for it, should have grabbed it, was museum spec besides a dent in one of the doors
  12. drivers seat appears to have a lot of human slime on it. id have that shampooed asap
  13. Bubble will burst. Once all the Youtubers and Instgrammers are done with them and move onto some more *EMOTIONAL*
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