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  1. I had my front bearings replaced due to noise, didn't fix the problem. Turned out to be my 14 year old rock hard tyres - check that first before replacing all bearings
  2. It does work yes. But generally recommended for light to medium dirt buildup, so I wouldn't use the method on a really filthy car. When i was driving my S14 every weekend, I would clean it every Sunday night with a quick detailer and 2x clean microfibre cloths - never had issues with swirls or scratches
  3. junkie

    dat bassline...
  4. this would my choice in your situation: https://www.zas.com.au/product/419/optimum_no_rinse_wash_and_shine_946ml.html and a useful "how to" video:
  5. Sounds like my R34 sedan experience - although my seller was a lot more honest about its history and condition. I still lost interest and flogged it after having it sitting around for a couple of years and losing about 3-4k on various repairs and upgrades
  6. Sell my S14a and buy a Megane RS275 Cant afford anything GT-R these days and not willing to pay top dollar for below average cars with bubbled dashboards, rust, accident damage, unknown km and 20+ years of human slime covering the interior
  7. junkie

    for fans of synthwave, retrowave, etc
  8. One of my favs and will last a couple of months. One of the cheapest on the market too https://www.waxit.com.au/products/collinite-476-paste-wax
  9. junkie

    Get an optima yellow top once this one dies. they can handle many more deep discharges than any normal lead acid battery. Mine gave up only recently after 9 years of service and going flat 20+ times
  10. junkie

    there arent many cheaper options with apple carplay or android auto, unless you go for actual android head units from china. so yes the price is pretty good
  11. this guy gives a great overview of a stock RX7, just turn english subtitles on
  12. junkie

    i lost interest in modding a long time ago, luckily before i had the chance to pump mass cash into any of my cars. over the years, and following many many builds, it becomes pretty obvious that heavy modding is a waste of time and money. many fully built cars spend their time off the road with breakages, never ending upgrades or being moved between different shops and the end result, while fun, is pretty much pointless for road use. it all usually ends with the car being parted out or sold for a lot less than it cost to build and the owner wondering where all their money went these days im more keen on well set up factory cars, keeping them stock and in mint condition