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  1. Bubble will burst. Once all the Youtubers and Instgrammers are done with them and move onto some more *EMOTIONAL*
  2. Looks a bit unfinished - the nice cross stitches are missing. Not my cup of tea tbh
  3. Both cars have done 150,000+ just by looking at interior pics
  4. These cars are not being bought by people who actually want them. They have become part of the investor/flipper market, for people with deep pockets who simply look at potential future profit and nothing else
  5. stop using the key immediately, lock it up in a safe and only handle with white cotton gloves
  6. Life is short, try something new... I'd buy the 370 if I was in your position
  7. I doubt the quality is getting higher, sellers are just asking for more cash and willing to wait longer
  8. My old 34 had a poor connection between positive battery terminal and fuse box. All crank and no start. Check that, especially if there is a bit of corrosion on the terminals
  9. They were pretty common, I still have an old one in the garage. Any metal plating place will be able to re-chrome it
  10. You are kinda missing the point I'm trying to make. Back in the 90's a 50k brand new fun car would be a 200sx, Prelude, Celica etc and my mod list largely applies to all of them Now compare 50k today and what fun car you can get - i30n, Focus ST, Megane RS, Golf GTi and you generally dont need to mod them anywhere near as much Also keep in mind the average wage from the 90s and now so your 50k today is a lot less money that it was 20 years ago
  11. Other thing I forget to mention, new cars are generally quite well sorted in stock form so you are not buying a modding platform that will need an instant pile of work like you did back in the 90s Wheels Tyres Exhaust Front Mount Moar boost Suspension Brakes Audio Seats List goes on
  12. I bought my Fiesta as a daily runabout to get to and from work. Turned out to be way better than my S14 in just about every way, even though its wrong wheel drive. There are some significant differences, mostly due to progress over the past 20 years. 1. No lag. Torque from idle just about. Compared to nothing below 2.5k rpm from the s14, even in stock form 2. Body rigidity - zero flex anywhere. Cant say the same for a 90's Nissan 3. Interior quality, the ST isn't noted for its top notch interior, but still miles ahead of any S-Chassis 4. More power, more torque, better economy from smaller capacity 5. Electric steering - sharp, fast, full of feedback 6. General amount of fun and bang for the back, driving the S14 now feels like driving a laggy Maxima
  13. These cars are amazing value now. A near new Q50 Sport can be picked up for around 40k
  14. I lol'ed at the M3 subframe departing comment. hard to believe that something this fundamental was stuffed so hard by BMW engineers
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