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  1. KiwiRS4T - thanks mate. I know its been done just wondering if tunnel adjustments for the trans need to be made etc etc before the body comes off the rotisserie. Rusty Nuts - Cheers for the input. But I can rebuild a C4 quite easily. I'd assume that the Nissan box would be far more complicated. Im not worried about having to modify tail shaft and cross members etc etc. C4 is simple and everyone knows the tricks for them. EDIT: sorry Kiwi dunno how the hell I did that on the post.
  2. Hey guys Used the search function to bugger all avail. Question, Is there a thread someone knows about that shows someone retro fitting a C4 behind a GTS-t R33. I may have been using the wrong search terms but did search for a while.. If anyone knows any that would be great. Looking to run a C4 for drag strip purposes. Cheers
  3. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has a exhaust manfiold for an RB25DET which is the standard cast item, I would love to take it off your hands. I am in Cairns but will pay postage. Thanks in advance
  4. BHDave: How do you mean non splined alignemnt tool. Would you be able to go futher in depth as to how you do it? Cheers
  5. Hi all I was just wondering whats the best way to align a twin plate clutch? The gearbox is still in the car as I pulled out the engine without the gearbox and need to know if there is a special method of aligning twin plate clutches and I've only done single plate and I know they have an alignment tool for them. Any help would be muchly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  6. sweet as thanks guys! thats exactly what i meant
  7. lol thats ok with me ... ive already lost to it hhehehehe... should be interesting if u get it on the road
  8. I have had this recently done to my RB25 bore and hone 20thou replace all welsh plugs complete balance fix some minor block issues reclaim some of the crank linish crank acip dip and clean assembly HEAD full clean reface valves, new seats, pressure test, resurface and someother shit ive forgotten off my invoice for $2509.32 hahahaha that was through a workshop in Cairns so i'd assume you get better prices down south just to give u an indication
  9. warrick, ur signature sucks. But, i guess he said it to get a good plug for prospool :confused: I dont know why nats output was so low in my view... he could get heaps more.. maybe if he put it in an engine dyno cause theres no-way hes not gonna get rampid wheelspin... ah well
  10. Hi all Ive been searching for something that fits the factory location of the turbo, whether it be stainless, cast, i really dont care i just need a manifold that I can use the factory location and turbo. I know there a few people out there that are also searching for a good manifold that retains stock location PLEASE!!! if anyone knows of any of any type grade of metal etc please post! Thanks all
  11. timing belt, cam seals, tensioners, idlers, fuel filter, air filter... any thing else anyone? ohh diff and gearbox oil if u havnt done it in a while, same goes with oil and filter
  12. Hi all I was in the process of putting my new throw out bearing on my clutch fork thingo and I've found that the little nob thing that goes onto the fork has been snapped off. Does anyone know where I can get on of these from.. I wish I could take a pic for you... The nobb thing has like, a 17-19mm bolt thing thats around 2cm long with a tapered shaft onto the nob thing :confused: It screws into the plate (weird shape thing with gasket behind it) near the spline. Does anyone know what Im talking about and where I can get a new one from? Thanks muchly in advance, and yes my descriptions are strange :uh-huh:
  13. lol well.. thursday nights are good for variety but is cop ridden cause its 'hoon' night... normally late friday - saturday nights you will see the faster cars out instead of bogans in there V6 commonwhores
  14. i can run mine on 11 or .9 bar.. only use .9 bar for racing, 11 pound for street... its done like 60,000k's on it and still no shaft play or seals ****ed.
  15. almost looks like a huge ass MX-5... hahahaha
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