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  1. Would you be able to source the gnosis to suit a 370z in 19's?
  2. Hi there. I am after a R32 GTR as a daily driver, but can't be bothered selling my XR6 turbo. Would you be interested in a sawp. It's a 2004, with leather, sunroof, one owner has only 53,000km's and service history. Cheers.
  3. Get your mate to check his earlier (184kw) dyno sheet. On the below he will see that the intake temp meter was out of whack. Read something stupid like 186 degrees. That is the reason it read so high previously. The intake temp sensor was playing up sometime ago which Ray unfortunately did not know about until after that vehicle was dynoed. Also FYI. For strapping to cause lower readings, this is generally due to "over tighetning" on the straps. Most cars on the night were "very" lightly strapped. So should have no effect on low readings. Most likely other dyno's are "happy" or mechanics using the intake temp sensor trick to boost figures. At the end of the day, the best way to tell if the power is down, is by how it drives. Cheers.

    Gtr Needed

    Hey Ray. I might be available also...It would be a reason for me to actually drive my car. Silver R33 GTR Carbon Bonnet, NT03 rims. PM Me the details. Cheers. Nick
  5. Have to say Ray at RE Customs, anytime for Power FC. I have seen many cars from other "reputable" workshops with PFC and must say they either didn't have a smooth fuel or power curve and some even ran quite lean. If you want an excellent job and not get ripped off. RE is the only place in my opinion.
  6. Happy Birthday Bec. Hope you had a great day and an even better night!
  7. Hahaha...I'd do either as long as their is no Milkshakes or hot sauces involved...Just a pure eating comp
  8. I just couldn't resist. Had to leave another message for the sakeof that gifted asian chick there........ Boooooobs!
  9. Hey Adz, have you finished the Captain America meal before? If so what time did you do it in? If we do Age's burger is it a timed event or do we get points just for finishing?
  10. Depending on the date (always away for work )I'll be in on this. I'd love to have a crack at Captain America. I see the world record is an inasane 8 min! If I do it in 20 I'd be wrapped! Is anyone on here a known guts/eating machine? It would be good to have someone be our bench mark! hahaha
  11. Sorry don't mean to high jack the thread, but where is this Captain America? I must go try it!
  12. A little...But at the time I was about 115kg. So had plenty of room to fit it all in. I'd try it again for a laugh and of course for something of worth.
  13. I'm in.... I've had 6 Big Macs a large fries medium, Diet Coke (gotta watch the sugar intake ) and a caramel sundae as a dare about 5 years ago. So I'm up for this.
  14. I did my bit for the save the Boobs campagin.
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