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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, going to do some investigating tonight. Have seen the screwdriver trick mentioned so will give that a go & see if I can pinpoint it.
  2. Ah ok thanks. Would you reckon more likely seized & would need to replace them, rather than cleaning them & putting them back in?
  3. I'm a long term member but haven't posted in a while, please be gentle . Can move onto another similar thread if need be... No idea how to embed videos but I've uploaded the clip to youtube which shows the noise here Oh so it embeds itself these days haha - Doesn't sound like it's spun a bearing but after a bit of investigating to me it sounds like it's possibly noisy lifter/s. I had the motor fully rebuilt a while back, it has forged CP pistons, Tomei poncams etc...I don't believe it has always made this noise but literally can't remember how long ago it started. It is only obvious on start up after initial warm-up higher revs, once you rev the motor higher it's pretty much drowned out by the noise of the exhaust. I don't see it as a bottom end problem as the car runs fine, holds boost with no issue, doesn't misfire yada yada. To those on here more mechanically minded, would this most likely be lifter noise? After watching videos of spun big ends I couldn't compare it, but watching other lifter-related clips it sounds damn similar. When the motor was rebuilt I couldn't answer if the lifters were cleaned but to save people asking that, I'll go with no. If it is lifter noise, what's the best/easiest way to determine it? Not hands on enough for me to remove/clean/replace myself, so parts cost aside any ideas on what sort of labour costs a job like this would be? Doesn't seem overly complicated but just time consuming, which is where workshops make most of their money lol Thanks in advance Nathan
  4. I've been rolling around with stretched tyres on my 33 for a while now, haven't really had issues but just for track work stretched is a no-go so I'm looking into some semi-slicks. 9.5 +22 on the front 10.5 +30 on the rears. Looking at getting some 265/40R18 for the rear, what's my best bet for the fronts? Got 225's on there atm I think, thinking they might need at least 245's but unsure what to look for. Anyone got a good idea of what will work best?
  5. ossie_21


    But it's a big win
  6. Bought this a few weeks ago, only selling due to needing time off work so I can study a course. Selling this will make that easier as I may even need to quit. It's a Garrett GT35R with a .82 rear housing, and a recently welded 90deg elbow on it too. It's in very good nick, no shaft play etc. was running 18psi from the previous owner who downgraded for more response to a 30R like I have. $1000 (plus negotiable with postage if nobody local). Please don't try and lowball me for it, as refusal or reply may offend... Pm on here or email me neweverton @ hotmail.com if you're interested (No spaces in email address, trying not to receive more spam than I already do ) Cheers, Nathan
  7. ossie_21


    Those cruises were organised by me, as were most of the last few sauwa cruises. Crumz has been a good mate of mine for years, one of the first people I met through the car scene. I had no issue with that being my part of running the club, but it was being run into the ground and I was fighting a losing battle, as can be seen here in this thread. I wanted to do more things as a club & was happy when some real direction was being aimed for...for a couple of months before nothing else was heard. Brad was organizing another skidpan day, then that idea disappeared completely. He might still be on here but he had deleted me from facebook as well so I have no idea what happened. Cruises used to be monthly lol... Not a mod, but yes I do. I'm out of touch with who the mods are these days/which ones are still active, but it's easy to notice there is a lot less activity to get nazi over. I've met a lot of good mates and good people through cars but I agree with one of the comments earlier they were way too strict & pushing people away, making it seem a lot less friendly around here. Next sauwa event should be a big group hug
  8. Interested in 2x each of the 235/40/18 & 265/35/18. Can you please pm a price and payment details for these shipped to Perth?? (6027) And also how long delivery would usually take for that, kind of have a time limit I'd need them by which will depend if I can buy these or not... Cheers! Nathan
  9. There's pretty much nothing on there anyway, shame really considering how successful some groups can be
  10. Thanks mate, although maybe if you didn't take everything so seriously you wouldn't come across as such a little bitch! Considering I've had a built car engineered & learnt so much about the process and could have helped you out with what you need to know, I might let you educate yourself about it when you need to. I said that due to the fact they are just asking for a yellow sticker, and are a very good chance of being illegal. edit - also if you want to try & pick something about my car, go nuts. One page back in the show n shine thread
  11. As said that's not even worth trying to get engineered unless you are defected first. Then, raise it, quieten it, remove/block off BOV & minimise boost however you can, remove tint, and hid's aren't allowed unless they have wipers on the headlights so probably have to remove them anyway. Even so, don't expect it to be easy. PS - If by underglow you are referring to neons, please park your car in an open area away from everything, and set it on fire. Cheers
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