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  1. Hey guys - looong haitus from SAU since I sold my S2 R33 GTST in Oz and moved to Tokyo 2 years ago. No car, but I am looking. Anyone in Japan recommend a good auction broker for the USS Auctions? Would love to get into the car scene here.
  2. Hi guys, It has been a while since I been on here. I recently bought an apartment close to the city and live with the missus now so I don't drive the Skyline that much at all. Having 1 car space and 2 cars does not help either.... Make: Nissan Skyline R33 Model: Series II GTST 2 door Coupe 5 Speed Manual Milage: 113,000 Colour: White Location: South Melbourne RWC supplied? Upon request Currently registered? YES - Jun 2008 Price: $14,000 Contact: Kevin - 0401 996 227 Comments / Modifications: - Timing belt changed at 100,000 - Personal import before the new SEVs came in effect (only Australian owner) - Viper keyless entry alarm and immobiliser - Tinted windows - Momo wheel Wheels - 17" SSR rims - New Kumho rear tyres - Goodyear fronts 80% tread Audio - Alpine head unit - Rockford 12" Sub - Alpine 5 Channel Amp Perf Mods - Blitz panel filter - ARC front mount intercooler - HKS fully adjustable suspension - Cusco front/rear strut braces - Nismo sway bar - Kakimoto cat-back exhaust - Blitz Turbo timer/Boost gauge - HKS EVC V Boost controller - Nismo Short shifter - RBA slotted disc brakes - GReddy Type S BOV Please SMS or ring me for any questions. Images:
  3. Hi naga, thanks for the post, it was very informative. My climate control unit lights just stopped working COMPLETELY (both blubs) at the same time so its completely dark. The temp is still working. Do you think that it is the fuse? You mentioned something about the fuse being in the boot. I know of a fuse box in the bonnet, and also under the dash, but is there also one in the boot? Do they control the lights on the console? Thanks heaps
  4. *Update* Had my service done on Thu/Fri last week with Ice. Great prompt response and they fit me in before the end of the week which was awesome. AAAND it only took 1.5 days to do Changed all the fluids, gearbox, diff, coolant, engine Timing belt change Water Pump change And it was just a touch over 1k. Very happy and the car runs better than ever. Now for the brakes
  5. i have first dibs on whatever gadgets u can't afford to have anymore CONGRATS MATE!!! Now for that R34 4 door dorrrifto beast......
  6. Adz, how did your own major service go? any xtra problems?
  7. I'm guessing the sticker is just the timing belt service. wonder what else has been done - unless u have the service log (which almost always doesnt exist)
  8. So the fluids (of a car) are - Brake - Clutch - Transmission - Powersteering - Coolant Did i miss anything?
  9. Adz, how long is your car going to be out of action in the garage for? Did G give u an estimate? And also a quote on the cost? or is it a 'well, we'll see when we get there' type of thing (like usual) Okies, water pump it is. Any suggestion on spark plugs??
  10. Thanks Paul. Great advice. What is involved in a '100k service'? Will tell u how it all goes. I haven't researched it yet (I should) but what are the recommendations for spark plugs?
  11. Hi guys! Man, long time no see for all u guys. I been gone for quite a while. Good to be back tho B) My R33 has finally reached the age of 100,000 kms now and so its time for a major service. I know there is a thread about this major service and I read it, but I was hoping for VICTORIAN experiences with this major service. - What was done (other than timing belt)? - Who did u go with? - What was the cost? - Any other problems that needed addressing during or after? Any posts appreciated. Thanks all!! BTW, this is the list of tasks that the 100,000km service thread mentioned (I'm scared of the bill!!): New Iridium Spark Plugs. Water Pump. Thermostat Cam belt Drive belts. Oil Filter Fuel Filter Check cam and crank seals for leaks usually OK and extra if seals required Check cam belt pullies All electricals, exhaust, suspension. Coolant and hoses. Gear oil 75w- 90 or auto trans service. Engine, gearbox and power steering get Uniglide treatment. Clutch and brake fluid flushed and bleed. Radiator and engine flush. Clean and treat battery terminals. Clean terminals to injector plugs, ignition coils. Compression test. Spray lubricant on throttle linkages and other. Adjust water sprayers and additive used Lubricate door hinges and strikers, bonnet latch, boot hinges, aerial mast. Check and tighten sub frame and suspension and cross member bolts etc. Tyre pressures checked and corrected. Air filter replaced or if performance filters cleaned and re oiled. Check list for our technicians and report given.
  12. Cool, thanks for the info Zahos. I good idea about taking the tyres for a drive first to make sure u are happy wif em - cos i dont live close and it would be a hassle bringing em back.
  13. Ay guys, what do u mean by 'duds'? do the rubber just fly off or something? or is like beefy says that they start vibrating at high speeds?? are they nice guys there? i hate dealing with f**ks
  14. Yeah ironic that the car was for sale as well. Thats gotta sux. gotta be careful with hi-po rwd cars in the wet. just cant drive em like normally in the dry....
  15. Hey mate, sorry to hear about it. Everyone's worst nightmare, even worse without comp. Hope it turns up Have u had a look at the surveillance tapes yet? Looks like the ppl were targeting imports - or Skylines at least. Keep us posted
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