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  1. Click the link:) http://www.waix.net:8000
  2. http://www.compfused.com/directlink/622/
  3. Yeah that was me NIZMO:) You have a very nice car. skylines look awsome in black. Im lookin for somewhere SOR as i work this side ,so sorry i should have read the rest of the post:) BTW i was like hey a nice blak line comin up in my mirror, was a bit of a shock when i saw your sticker on the back! Very nice indeed C u round
  4. where abouts nizmo? Im lookin
  5. Just curious as to the effects of compression braking with turbos? Does the exhaust pressure spike when you come off the clutch? A bit like a two stroke i guess? Would the waste gate just dump excess pressue? And can you use engine braking as much as an engine with hi compression or do you lose some of that?
  6. Its just the old mule under the bonnet dying from old age mate. j/k Its been worked to hard for too long.
  7. maybe the power figure of the ute is starting to worry some people out there? Id say the ute would be the best for drifting, light arse end, bulk power. Might sound stupid but do your handbrake cables stretch when you drift:)
  8. I guess if that happend then some one would probably want to jump on his roof.
  9. Ah ok, I dont think any keyboard warriors are really gonna be worried mate. His mycar domain, He gets pretty psyco at some skyline dude in his comments, And his number plate says rousey
  10. i stay away from discount fuel retailers like woolies and shell now. Bp ultimate all the way
  11. They department of defence should have pretty tight word filters so just type stuff like bomb, gun, sex you know. "well sarge, my mate posted some dumb shit and its just some crazy mofos hassling me out, should i bend over now?" Dont get me wrong im a holden man but, nice magna!
  12. HP wins dyno comps, Torque win races. Has any one seen the twin turbo kits for gen 3`s?
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