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  1. just wondering if you have posted my ipod yet? cheers.
  2. bump, any offer over $50 can have it. asap... buy now.
  3. i'll take the white one, 200 delivered. i have pm'd you.
  4. Item: standard RB20 Turbo Condition: Used, was told it has a cracked fin. Price: $85 ONO plus postage To Fit: (What car) skyline, or would be perfect upgrade for a 4 cylinder car Location: Victoria Contact: PM, post here, or email pezza08@hotmail.com Comments: Make me an offer, just taking up space needs to go.
  5. hey, sorry about the kind of silly thread, but its not really! haha. i was just wondering if anyone had any footage of either a Daihatsu (spelling) charade, or daewoo matiz, drifting/attempting to go sideways!! after it for a physics project at school, so any help would be appreciated, cheers and sorry for wasting n e ones time, thats not what i intend to do!1! thanx