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  1. I replaced my accumulator around seven years ago now, with a brand new one, have noticed for a while now, clicking every 20-30sec. Surely it wouldn’t have gone bad in that time. The clicking is so fast, it doesn’t even spin the pump. I’m thinking something else is causing it. Have opened the atessa Ecu, checked caps etc, and found nothing.
  2. I contacted them, and they say they've sold 100's of them without any issues. I'm not happy with it, and would like to return it. But there is no alternative to purchase. You wouldn't happen to have any for sale?
  3. Was just commenting on what I think Otaku garage need to change to fix this problem. My possible solution was to bolt up the adaptor, then cover the head of the offending bolt with silicone gasket, hoping to give the factory gasket something to seal against. I'm not holding my breath that Otaku garage is going to do anything to fix the issue. Here is one that used to be sold on ebay, you can see the positioning of the holes is different, and would make the bolt clear of the edge of the valve/gasket.
  4. The hole pattern on the R33 side just needs to be moved down a touch, to get the hole inside the sealing area. I've contacted them, not sure if I'll have any luck. Was thinking of filling over the bolt head with some grey silicone gasket to seal it.
  5. I bought one of these, and it looks like its not going to seal. like the mounting holes for the R33 side are in the wrong spot.
  6. I'm chasing a front left guard liner.
  7. I'm after an air conditioner evaporator box from a S2 Stagea (located under dash). Preferably one that takes cabin filters.
  8. FOR SALE!!! Series 1 auto gearbox, in working condition around 160K km's. Would be suitable for rebuild and swap. Pick up near Newcastle $150 ono
  9. That answers the question, cheers Ben C34, Your next in line. allgti, I'll work out the postage cost tonight and let you know asap.
  10. Hey, I'm not 100% sure, if you give me your VIN number I can check FAST. Or someone else may be able to answer. Does it have eyelet mounts on the bottom?
  11. Pair of rear Bilstein shock absorbers, suit S1/S2 C34 Stagea, selling because I'm upgrading my rear sub frame to an S2 manual version. They are in excellent condition, with no more than 10k km's on them, they have an adjustable spring seat, with extra circlip grooves to give multiple ride heights. They are also rebuildable. $200 They are worth over $600 new pickup near Newcastle, or can arrange postage.
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