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  1. Hey just did a few upgrades so have some stock stuff to get rid of Computer Injectors Water Pump Clutch All came out of car at 95k and everything was fine when i changed them, clutch maybe on its way out. Give me a call on 0401944143, sydney pickup only unless your prepared to organise postage
  2. Need a power fc for an r33 gtst. 0401944143 or pm me
  3. lip is sold. front bar is still for sale. $180
  4. Hey guys, been looking through all the threads and cant really find the answers to my questions. Have a R33 Series II, 80kms on the clock. Cooler, Full Exhaust. Am looking to get the power FC in time and want the best possible power without having to change the turbo right away and was interested in the best mods to get this. No actual figure in mind just want that little bit more. Am looking at changing fuel pump + injectors, clutch if need be. Wanted some advice on whether the diff will need to be touched. Everything in the car feels tight and last service at Advan in silverwater they told me the car is pretty healthy. Also with the major service at 100km would it be wise to do all that with the upgrades or just wait until i hit 100km. My plan is too accumulate all the parts i need at the cheapest prices over the next few months and just hand the car into the mechanic with my wallet and get it all done at once, possibly the service aswell. I also want to keep in mind that later down the track I will probably want 'that little bit more' again and would like to have the option without replacing things I already have this time. Thanks in advance.
  5. have u got any 044's left. these will suit r33 wont they? dumb question, just making sure.
  6. am in sydney, nsw. front bar is still for sale
  7. no just the bar, no foggies included. living in sydney. will seperate bar and lip. 180 for bar and make an offer on the lip. and as far as i know series ii bar wont fit a series i
  8. the front bar is genuine for sure. lip maybe aftermarket copy. not too sure?
  9. hey not really sure on how much these things go for... am willing to seperate bar and lip, yep genuine series 2 and no headlights, just wat you see. not really willing to trade just need some cash at the moment. make me an offer
  10. Selling a White R33 Series II Frontbar, already cut out for a front mount, i also have the lip to sit on it which is included. They could use a spray, depends how picky you are. Also have the plastic that sits underneaththe windscreen wipers for the same car. See Pics below, if interested call me on 0401944143 to work out a price.
  11. pretty sure from what i read if you owned the car before the laws then u can request an exemption... hope so anyways or im stuffed
  12. In desperate need of drivers side door pillar, drivers side door and front right hand guard, also rear drivers side suspension parts. Preferably in white and sydney would be great. Contact is 0401944143
  13. yup that was it. replaced 10 amp with 15 so hopefully wont be a problem and wont hurt anything and no the ones i got have to be wired into the 12v power from the park lights circuit. mine look the same as the ones in the fotos somewher in this thread.
  14. i got mine from ebay for 130 delivered... bit of a pain to install but got there in the end. only problem is i blew the fuse for the parkers (which is what i taped into for the new gauges) and have no idea where it would be... any help? tried searching with no luck
  15. thank u muchly. definately will buy them now
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