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  1. I wanted to try running pwm with my single walbro but my tuner told me not to bother. It works but he has seen them fail shortly after, they don't like anything apart from constant full power. Do you need to run any sort of check valve to stop the primary pump flowing back against the secondary pump when it is off?
  2. It's more of an anything that's not petrol sensor, it's reading the ratio of petrol not ethanol. So if you get e85 then add 5% water it should read as e90, as demonstrated at the sau/wolf e85 tech night last year. As long as methanol mixes with petrol and doesn't separate i don't see an issue. If you're using this for water/meth injection then it won't work as the sensor can't differentiate the two. You should probably look into the effects methanol has on certain metals and decide if the sensor will cope.
  3. I removed both my o2 sensors and used a stainless adapter to run 1/8npt egt on dump pipes where the 02sensors used to be. One thing i overlooked at the time was using different metals, cast iron/brass/stainless all expand at different rates and although i haven't noticed it on my car a lot of people have problems with their threads loosening over time. I also fitted a wideband sensor just before the cat. i wouldn't run the sensor too close to the turbo they aren't really made to be permanently mounted. a lot of people have damaged their sensors prematurely mounting off the dump possibly because of the extra heat.
  4. wtb stock r33 front bar and side skirts, let me know what series you have color and condition. Cheers
  5. ethanol sensor connected straight to the link ecu as a digital input will give a slightly lower reading. Mine sits around 78 sometimes fluctuates either way a but the fuel im using should be pretty close to 85. The tuner told me link tend to read a bit lower, which isn't a problem as what ever number it spits out is only used as a reference point. If using that display and connecting to analog 5v input you can configure it to what ever you want but im guessing it will be pretty spot on. The mods to your fuel lid looks like a good idea, but i hope the tank is sealing tight and water doesn't get in.
  6. nismo r32 gtr fuel pump $150 had leaning out issues changed the fuel pump and map sensor which resolved it. I believe it was the map sensor (reading 20kpa low), as the fuel pressure remained the same. But just in case I'll give the buyer 2 weeks to fit and test money back if they have any issues. Apexi GTR front pipe $150 apexi rsm including g sensor $150 Genuine trust rb26 clear cam cover $100 R32 GTR Intercooler $150 one pictured is used for illustration purpose, i will take photos of my actual cooler upon request. Cores are straight and undamaged and like the one in the photo it can do with a coat of black. clarion 10" subwoofer $100 10 x t-bolt clamps 3.25" 83mm-93mm $35 All items located in melbourne south east will post at your expense.
  7. connect wires to new solenoid and your done, there is no polarity for the solenoid
  8. Almost looks too good to take out of the box
  9. I have a gm 3 bar style map sensor, it tends to read around 100kpa when the engine is off however there are times it is as high as 109kpa and as low as 80kpa. The fluctuation seems to be correlated with engine bay temperature affecting the sensor reading. Is any one running a genuine ac delco (GM) 3 bar map sensor? are you getting consistent readings close to 100kpa? I'm thinking of changing my sensor because this sort of variance can't be good, but no point if the same problem arises. Cheers Pat
  10. good point about the fuel pressure gauge if the there is blockage the pressure should of dropped which it didn't was still at 55-56psi. The old strainer looked clean as well. Any way new pump is on pressure shot up near 60psi, giving afr of about 16-17 idle. I dropped the fuel pressure back down to 55psi and afr went richer to about 15.8, still a fair bit off the usual 13.8ish that im supposed to get. I've considered the possibility of injectors but the difference in EGT from cyl 1-3 and 4-6 is same as they have been in the past. Does any one know if intake leaks on a map sensor based ecu would contribute to running lean?
  11. has been on the dyno twice and has cycled through many tanks and been running fine for few months on e85. The only thing i did differently was use the braeside united station as oppose to clayton one off princes highway, however the flex fuel sensor still reads between 78-80 as per usual. My sensor/ecu calibration seems to read a bit lower then what the actual ethanol content is, been like this since day one. I don't think the actual fuel is the issue anyway
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