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  1. do they have a gps in them? coz if i see one they wont be getting it back so id better not take it back to my place.
  2. thanks guys, looking at importing an evo 7 for improved production class. nebody familiar with putting a 2.4 stroker in any type of car? i hope to do most of the modifications myself and depending on what level i have to go to as to whether it will be road registered or not. Im guessing if i dont want to comply it and keep it as a rally registered vehicle i wont need to worry about compliance, which may be a quicker and more cost effective option.
  3. dont know whether i should post this here, but either a forester sti if i decide to use it as a daily otherwise a b4 as a tarmac rally/hillclimb car. more looking for a race car, and theres not much in aus so that y im looking overseas. condition does not worry me, and im wondering if i could skip compliance as it would maybe just be registered as a rally vehicle with a temp permit for events.
  4. Hey guys, im looking at importing a car form japan, and have the freight cost, but am unsure of any other costs that may arise. car would be around 4-5 years old and i know the basic stuff like tyres and seat belts need to be changed, but anything else to look out for would be great. and time frame as it takes them 2 weeks to get a shipping plan to me so eta on customs etc. as i know this can take up to a month or so. thanks in advance.
  5. Check out the Commuserv Stickers !
  6. vange pour boiling water over it and move it around until ur satisfied. the audi is going due to money comitments, would love to keep it, its good for another 150,000kms and doesnt fault. bose stereo shits on everything and i love the thing! but got a few new toys, a 1976 chrysler by chrysler with a 5.9 8cyl in it. has power windows, air con, power drivers seat, pioneer casette deck with graphic equilizer. and also a 1965 rambler classic 660 with a 287 v8, which im looking at the engine which needs a rebuild on the weekend. Chrysler Rambler The Chrysler will be for sale soon, only done 100,000kms and the rambler will be the pimp mobile!
  7. easiest way to open the lights is to put them in boiling water and pry open with a flathead screwdriver. then clean however you want. I did Vange's lights by using vx calais projectors and silver surrounds and cutting them to mount in the existing hole. looks awesome. just need those projectors before you use xenon HID lights otherwise they look like street lamps.
  8. well i can take out the whole rear seats, but the fronts are thick leather recaro's with airbags in them as well so im thinking at least 40-50kg's. wonder if i can take the spare wheel out?
  9. i asked to have a co driver, but they wouldn't allow! i mite have to take out the seat anyway, to get up the hill faster!
  10. yer 900gram ones for about $30 are all u need and they need to be readily acessible so either under seat or somewhere else securely. and check the dates, as most of the in stores have allready expired. Im Entered into the Hillclimb state championships, so come and say hello. Still have to get my car log booked by cams next week though. applied for my 2S license as well. I was able to get into sports cars closed, instead of the PRC RAlly Cars class, so might have a bit more of a chance. Hope to see you there.
  11. installing. I thought i would be able to go into the road registered category, but because the vehicle is 4wd they have put me in the main category. I am looking at getting it chipped or boost controller and fuel line cutoff but then have to have a CAMS log book completed. so i wont be coming close to the other guys, but its all fun
  12. hey guys, didnt see anyone there. was about 35 cars, and a great time had by all. luckily no-one went off the track, as some of us were pushing it hard. 05 WRX STI 37.58 top time i think, Toyota MR2 38.xx i think and i ended up with 3 under 40's with 39.58 being my best. im looking at entering the SA Championships on the 14th and 15th, but want to get a boost controller and fuel pump upgrade done to boost it up a little. anyone keen on lending me a hand? i can offer signage on the vehicle for the day, and ill also fix you up for your time. let me know guys asap. regards, luke
  13. awesome cruise boys, cant wait until the next one.
  14. boys as stated earlier the cams licence can be purchased on the day for most events. you dont have to purchase the timing tags for the trials, im just seeing if its worth entering in the actual championship. actual competition is on the 14th-15th of october. should be a good day.
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