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  1. first and last bump. SA buyers only u have 12 hours or it is sold.
  2. Sorry I forgot to put location. Im in SA. So whoever offers with pick up will get priority. I already have 1 buyer wanting it but I can't get to DHL /Toll till Wednesday. So if a Cash pick up calls / sms me before then so be it.. I've also listed on Gumtree so It won't last long. Happy hunting guys. This is a bargain. 100% legitimate, I want it gone.
  3. Was Cleaning out the garage and found my old R34 Coil Overs. I had already sold the car so have no use for these anymore. So if you want to dump your ride from stock these are the coil overs u need Of course I could Clean them up and try to make them look brand new, but selling as is. Bargain for anyone who wants them PRICE $350 ONO PLEASE EMAIL ME or CALL no PMs Since i rarely ever check them Thanks Duc 0413582127 [email protected]
  4. Hi guys.. thanks for all the good wishes.. and funny comments.. No need to stress now.. He got his car back today.. So if u see him around.. please dun call the cops on him... lol.. would be funny though.. thieves stole, sub, amp, deck and wrecked the steering coloumn. Joy riders.. thrashed it a bit... but besides from that...he's quite happy he got it back in one piece.. Cheers Duc P.S. Mods... please delete... thread
  5. Hi guys, I haven't been on a while, but a mate's gun grey R33 was stolen yesterday outside Elizabeth court house at around 2:30pm - 3:30pm.. rego : XNN - 379 car is stock manual If anyone sees it.. or if your the [email protected]#$ that stole it.. call the police... Thanks Duc
  6. hey have u tried Nengun.co.jp?
  7. ..... Lol vange.. what position did u start in though during the 2nd race? ..keke.. Was fun night.. good to see Busky again... Matt brought along a ring in.. I wanna contest the decision.. lol... nah he was good.. he deserved the cup.. Best spent $45 in a while now.. Driving the Skyline after wards.. was so awkward.. damn my forearms are sore..lol
  8. Damn mate.. I hope you get things sorted out!!! Not many nice guys like you left around. Next time hire them out!!!! I know I will
  9. hey pete.. I've got an old pioneer 2 channel if u want it.. Well I think I do, it's in my old VN I'll go and see if I still have it tonight... PM me your details mate.. I'll let you know.. cheers Duc
  10. Hey I'm in need of new injectors for my turbo upgrade, but need to know if these NEW SARD injectors are "quad or single " pintel design? coz the nizmo 480cc are quad which are better.... Cheers Duc
  11. Yeah thanks every one for their input.. I'll do a bit more shopping around.. It's not that DIY option is beyond me..just that I don't think it'd give me the same outcome.. I saw the polish the guy did and it virtually looked chrome.. So I wonder if these other places do the same.. This time I'll prolli chuck the rims on the back of a ute and bring them in..haha.
  12. Hey man, Gimme me a buzz next week and you can borrow my Net gear Wireless Modem/router.. I don't need it atm anyways.. Then atleast you can rule out hardware issues... Cheers
  13. Hey would u like to either sell or swap the GT wing? My ride is also yellow and it's save me on spray painting.. I'm in adelaide.. thanks
  14. Hey Maxx, Areyou sure polishing?.. or just acid dipping? Or am I just getting ripped.. coz that's the same place I got my quote.. mind you..I did roll up in the skyline.. maybe I should phone and ask...
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