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  1. I'm in but need an actual address to put in my gps for the meeting point. [emoji4]
  2. Hmmm might have to change lunch place if there's to much damage. [emoji32]
  3. Cheers Duncan, I'm gonna keep my beloved r33 and I'm looking for a r31 auto for my long distance driving. [emoji38]
  4. I'm going manual to auto. [emoji38]
  5. I have a series one pfc 650 sard injectors walbro fuel pump tuned etc,what ecu do i need to convert from manual to auto after 16 years i need auto. Cheers. [emoji38]
  6. Haven't received my renewal form yet.
  7. Omg, the colour looks like the colour of my 33 .Paint code dno. [emoji5]
  8. I spent over ten with mods and tuning, cheers unigroup engineering, yavuz is a legend. [emoji38]
  9. You lucky lucky bastard, im 60 this year and I would love auto, clutch leg kills. [emoji38]
  10. Nice, i have an r33 that's been my daily for 15 years ,mods higher boost. If there looked after they go for a long long time. [emoji3]
  11. How do I find the members section please.
  12. Yes,ill be there awesome cruise and day.
  13. payment made 22nd of August, form emailed as well.
  14. Coloured stone,dancing in the moonlight,awesome song.
  15. g had sard 650s in my 33 for 11 years,she is my daily driver and on the highway is great,around town is shit,i just got used to it.