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  1. Hmm,I'm in Australia so have used an aussie oil for many years. Nulon 1030,I had an engine replaced at 26000 many years ago work shop mistake. All up 7 100000 services, 2 on first engine and 5 on the series 2 and just about due for another one. Do i still love the skylines?you bet I do. Open the garage door on a Sunday and see that lovely big backend and can't wait to cruise. 😃😃😎😍
  2. I daily drove mine for 17 years and hundreds of thousands of KLM, regular servicing and not thrashing a cold engine works wonders. 😃😃
  3. My premium went down, first time under a grand a year, one of the few benefits of being ancient. 😃😃
  4. Howdy,dragging up this old thread. Still have our 93 r33 in her rare color just updated her insurance 30 grand, wow is all I can say, mustn't be many left these days only a couple in my town now. 😃
  5. Lovely lovely young man. ???
  6. I'll need to spend a tenner to park my old girl off the street, can't walk far these days. ?
  7. There worse in qld where I'm heading on the 14th next month. ?
  8. I'm in but need an actual address to put in my gps for the meeting point. [emoji4]
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