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  1. I will come up for a look. 😃
  2. Lovely lovely young man. 😪😪😪
  3. I'll need to spend a tenner to park my old girl off the street, can't walk far these days. 🙂
  4. There worse in qld where I'm heading on the 14th next month. 😣
  5. I'm in but need an actual address to put in my gps for the meeting point. [emoji4]
  6. Hmmm might have to change lunch place if there's to much damage. [emoji32]
  7. Cheers Duncan, I'm gonna keep my beloved r33 and I'm looking for a r31 auto for my long distance driving. [emoji38]
  8. I have a series one pfc 650 sard injectors walbro fuel pump tuned etc,what ecu do i need to convert from manual to auto after 16 years i need auto. Cheers. [emoji38]
  9. Haven't received my renewal form yet.
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