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  1. I am looking for a GTS-R Shell. Fairly unfazed by condition but must be a genuine BG8 shell and fairly rust free. If it has been previously registered in Australia that is a bonus. I do not need or want anything that makes a GTS-R a GTS-R, I have no need for the engine, manifold, steering wheel, front bar and vents, lip, wing, seats, lights, intercooler, air conditioning, etc (the more you want to keep to sell separate the better). I am just chasing a basic (preferably rolling on rooted stock suspension and mismatched wheels), fairly rust free shell. Glass, door cards, pillar trims, roof lining and dash are considered a bonus but not necessary atm. The shell doesn't even need to have body trims, gt badges, bonnet, boot lid, doors, brakes, etc. I am realistic and honestly not expecting to find anything, but I thought I would ask in case someone is sitting on a project that has become too big for them. Cheers, Steve
  2. masTers

    There is one in Perth that has had some big dollars spent on rust repair. Doesn't have an interior however. If that interests you I can pass on the owners number. I realise it is 50% of what you are after, but there isn't much out there anymore. Shell is a genuine DR30 if that matters to you, has complete glass, suspension, and Jenesis aero.
  3. Unused Black Plazaman man fuel rail to suit RB25-DET-NEO. Designed to fit the standard intake manifold. Comes with -6 fittings. $150 pickup from Noranda. $170 posted Australia wide. PM for contact details
  4. masTers

    I have a brand new Plazaman NEO fuel rail in black if you are keen - $200 posted anywhere in Australia. Only selling as it doesn't fit my new CPC plenum
  5. Be very wary guys, seller does not respond to messages after payment and has no intention of actually sending any goods to Australia.
  6. masTers

    Grant from G's Auto Works does some pretty clean work with Skylines / Nissans 0466 365 305
  7. $350 for the two Nismo gauges shipped to Australia?
  8. I have a near new R31House Blitz front mount intercooler kit to suit a HR31 for sale. It is essentially brand new, but there are a few things to consider. Kit has been installed, but has not seen any air I have had the polish professionally removed (as seen in pics) The kit lines up with the factory intercooler piping (to the bay), and allows you to keep your air con. $800 delivered anywhere in Australia. This kit is now discontinued. Can send more pics to genuinely interested parties.
  9. masTers

    $1,900 Incorrect price listed.
  10. Brand new MoTeC M84. Only being sold due to upgrade to M1 series. $2,300 without loom shipped anywhere in Australia. Can supply unterminated loom for an additional $250 if bought with the ECU. Full specifics available here; Can run up a V8 or Quad Rotory Motor. Has onboard Lambda and 1mg of logging
  11. I do have a full coupe to wreck, minus engine - if you need something please ask. No issues freighting smaller items.