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  1. I haven't bought a car from there, but generally no negotiation at the house, they are generous, but the price is the price. I'll shout out if any more pop up. Just be warned not a lot is available for 31s any more - all the rubber seals, lights, badges, external door trims are NLA from Nissan, drive shafts and stub axles are pretty thin on the ground now as well (not an issue if you're not making big power). The bumper vents and lips are NLA (31House has some expensive reproduction ones now, and FRP lips are available). If you do end up looking at one missing a few pieces keep the following in the back of your mind; Manifold and Heat Shield is anywhere from 2-5k, turbo is 1-2k depending on condition (crazy for a T04E), Steering wheel is 1-2k now depending on condition, Vents can be up to $1k from 31House, even little things like the factory gear knob can reach $500 now. Our shit dollar doesn't help at the moment either. I am sure you have seen similar issues with the DR30 however. Hoping the HR31 gets picked up under the Nismo Heritage program in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  2. All depends on the cost of the base car, here is an example of an average one they are selling for 47kish - So would be in your 55k budget landed and registered. https://www.goo-net.com/usedcar/spread/goo/15/700020357730190708003.html Looks to have an aftermarket intercooler. Probably not a bad option if you want to get into one ASAP, body looks decent and you can hunt around for a good hazard switch and you might be able to find a decent steering wheel. I will ask a mate in Japan as to the restoration process and costs.
  3. Their business model is now to sell complete restored cars; You buy one of the "cheap ones" they have for sale in the yard in the agreement that they restore it for you. We are now living in an age where it takes 3-4 cars to make one good one. I've noticed several Japanese single make workshops have moved to this model (TA Auto is another example of this with the S30) over recent years. They are hoarding parts solely for use in restoration, not for resale. It's pretty sad, I've been there three times now and to see the physical amount of cars they have on site (R31 and now R30) is quite breathtaking (and heart breaking to see a rare part your're chasing rotting on the ground not for sale). Speaking to Shibata through a translater, he estimates he has about 320-350 of the 800 made on the property in various states. R31House are making reproduction parts now, but it really is becoming a monopoly. 55k should be enough to import one, you just need to be really patent and wait for one to pop up, thankfully it seems the Americans haven't taken a huge shining to them like they have the 32 and 33. A few months ago I was prepared to pay 10k for a bare rolling shell but couldn't find anything in Australia, NZ, or Japan. I found a car in California missing all the good bits but they still wanted 22k USD for it.
  4. Overseas may be your best bet, one popped up for 1.5 million yen a few months ago and was snapped up pretty quickly. Average prices seems to be around the 3 - 4 million yen mark now. You probably don't need a lecture, but try to buy one as complete as possible as parts are becoming fairly thin on the ground now for the HR31. Biggest things to look for are; mainfold, wing, steering wheel, lip, & bumper vents. Finding these things in good condition is nearly impossible now. 31House do sell some amazing restored ones, but they would be well over 70 landed and registered.
  5. Pretty sure they are available new still. Check out https://www.instagram.com/hr31parts/ for a quote.
  6. All good, send me a PM if you want to negotiate.
  7. Long discontinued R34 GT-R VSPEC II in Bayside Blue 1:18 model by AutoArt.Bonnet, Boot, and Doors open to reveal fully detailed engine, boot, and interior.Wing is loose, but clips back on ok for display. Box is yellow from age as most Autoart models of this vintage are. $375 shipped Australia wide (via sendle) for SAU members Paypal ok (you pay fees or friends and family transfer) or Bank Transfer preferred.
  8. Am open to reasonable offers on the lot. I am also open to a part swap of a pair of 33 GTR brembos plus cash my way.
  9. Pics should be in the first post, I can see them fine. Do they not load for anyone else? Cheers, Steve
  10. My bad, my apologies it's really been the week from hell. Was a cut and paste job from Scumtree $3600 with the merge collector $3850 if you need the throttle included as well.
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