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  1. Must have me blocked as nothing popped up
  2. 2xx6 Huon Highway I'll leave the full number out of it for now in case he has genuinely moved from there, but if you know you know I guess.
  3. Anyone know this bloke? Sold him a turbo, received a screen shot of a legitimate looking bank transfer so I sent it out with a few other things leaving that day before it cleared. Money never cleared, and I got the usual story he will resend it, then the usual sob story he just lost his job and his mrs and he needs that $275 to live, then vanished. Has answered his phone once by mistake. Lives in the Hounville area. PayPal id linked to his phone number is Joshua Redman, but went by the name Josh Wills. Only asking SAU as is email address is R33skyline.00@hotmail.com It's not much, but he's lied to me three times and wont answer my phone calls which is the piss off. I'll happily sell the debt to a local debt collector, or report to VEDA through my work as a bad debt. Cheers, Steve
  4. https://online.transport.wa.gov.au/tso/selfservice/public/modification_permit.jsf
  5. You need to just prepay the fee, and they will complete the form when they inspect the vehicle for registration
  6. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-Skyline-ER34-R34-front-fender-plastic-liners/293525091725?hash=item445775758d:g:~xYAAOSw9QVeaxoC WA importer.
  7. Also try Garage 7 in SA for inspecting old skylines, they know them inside out.
  8. Brand new in box 150a Advance High Efficiency Alternator to suit R33 or R34 RB25 & RB26. Should also suit similar vintage Stagea, but please confirm the part number (HE150-011S). May suit R32 as well but I believe you will need to change your alternator plug, or order an adaptor from Japan. With our crazy dollar at the moment these are $1,250+delivered. $800 plus $25 shipping Australia wide.
  9. Chasing an older design (see picture) OMP WRC Fixed back seat if anyone has one they are looking to move on. Cheers, Steve
  10. Topics says EOI, but this definitely is more in the For Sale category than not. Long story short it sadly doesn't fit into any of my immediate plans to short term plans and with plans for an expanding family over the coming 12 months this is probably the time to start making a few changes. I have also recently picked up a TME 6.5 which has really highlighted to me the lack of desire to finsih the coupe. I thought i'd throw it up on here before the scumtree wolves. Would love to see someone finish and enjoy the car. It's sad, it's life unfortunately. I have something a bit more turn key for sprints and hill climbs in the works. Ultimately finishing this car how I want too, and then binning it would be a much bigger shame than letting someone else have a crack at it. 1986 HR31 Coupe GTS-X Factory Gunmetal Grey Driveline; RB25-DET-NEO with RB20 cam covers to replicate factory look RB25-DET Gearbox with custom Final Drive draft shaft Nismo Twin Plate Clutch (New) with Nismo slave and custom braided line (GKTek) and GTR clutch master R31House Exhaust Manifold (Group A replica) T67 Turbocharger 60mm Tial Wastegate Custom 3” Stainless Exhaust with wastegate plumbed in and 2 x 100 CEL Catalytic Converters Tomei Poncams Lewis Engines Titanium retainer and valve spring kit Tomei Head Gasket ARP Headstuds N1 Oil and Water Pumps All new seals, gaskets and hardware Custom PWR Aluminum Radiator with thermo fans Custom Intercooler piping with new Greddy Type R blow off valve to mate up to factory intake. Hypertune fuel rail with 1000cc injectors NZ Wiring Trigger Kit Wiring Specialties RB25 connectors (New) New OEM Coilpacks Custom winged sump Apexi Intercooler HKS oil cooler and filter relocator New OEM washer and overflow tanks Rolling Shell; JIC Gold Coil-Overs Z31 Turbo 5 Stud Conversion with new bearings and studs Rebuilt half shafts with new boots R32 GTR Brakes with new lines (GK Tech), pads (RG Gear), springs, retainers, and rotors N1 Master Cylinder Nismo Diff Hicas delete bushes in power coated subframe ER34 Steering Rack professionally welded in with new boots and tie rod ends Buddy Club P1 17x8 and 17x9 wheels Brand New OEM GTSR bumper skin with new OEM vents and new OEM hardware to fit Complete Interior R31House 260kmph cluster (recently repaired and tested by AISAT) GTSR Rear Wing Genuine Nardi Deep Dish Wheel Optional Extras; R31 House Dry Carbon vented bonnet Recaro Fishnet seats with matching rails to suit HR31 (new rails) SSR SP1 18x9 and 18x10 Wheels (Black) Brand new set of body rubbers Spare set of front coil-overs 8 Point Bolt-In Role cage (Japanese) R31House Type-5 Skirts R31 House aluminum radiator to suit standard fan and shroud Robson Design Carbon Fibre facia and shift boot surround, with boot trimmed to match Nardi Wheel To finish the car; Mount Intercooler and adapt piping or new from scratch if you use an aftermarket plenum - piping supplied to suit factory GTSR intercooler stock location in engine bay Some form of fuel system – after market in tank pump is all it currently has You will need to wire in an ECU. No ECU or engine wiring comes with the car Paint needs some attention, new bumper will require paint being new out of the box. Factory air con setup is in with the car Replacement plastic trims will come with the car Motor has been setup to handle a reliable 500rwhp. Looking around the low to mid 20s, depending on what you want. As a guideline I have asked $8,000 for the mainfold, turbo, exhaust, waste gate, bov, and cooler piping. I have never seen one of these manifolds in the wild before. No parts available separately until shell has sold. Happy to assist interstate buyers - shell rolls, steers and has brakes. Unregistered but import approval will be supplied. Car does not need to be complied nor meet any ADR’s after 1986 (in WA). Call, Whatsapp or Text - 0422 458 267 or email smasters@iinet.net.au with any questions, there is probably heaps of bits I have forgotten as well.
  11. Ignition 1:18 Model Nissan Skyline Coupe DR30 - Watanabe edition with the Iron Mask front end, Red over black, never removed from box. Sold out from most distributors.Free shipping Australia wide via sendle. $350 or will swap of Ignition White TME Evo VI 1:18 Happy to take PayPal if you cover the fees.
  12. Sorry back up for sale. Just to be clear, you will need to fabricate your own cooling runners from speedflow lines or whatever you like. Have a look at the Otkau garage plenums for reference.
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