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  1. He's moved several times between Qld, Vic, and Tas.
  2. https://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/mate-tried-stop-drink-driver/389617/ This is actually the same piece of shit.
  3. Ok, his real name is Joshua Redman, mobile number is 0412 997 269. He made one payment and then decided to block my number, I often catch up him slip up and answer private numbers to act like a stunned piece of shit and then hang up. He claimed to have Covid-19 and had to spent his tax return on medicine so couldn't pay. Being Tasmania hasn't had any active cases of public transmission in forever this is very unlikely.
  4. 2xx6 Huon Highway I'll leave the full number out of it for now in case he has genuinely moved from there, but if you know you know I guess.
  5. Anyone know this bloke? Sold him a turbo, received a screen shot of a legitimate looking bank transfer so I sent it out with a few other things leaving that day before it cleared. Money never cleared, and I got the usual story he will resend it, then the usual sob story he just lost his job and his mrs and he needs that $275 to live, then vanished. Has answered his phone once by mistake. Lives in the Hounville area. PayPal id linked to his phone number is Joshua Redman, but went by the name Josh Wills. Only asking SAU as is email address is [email protected] It's not much, but he's lied to me three times and wont answer my phone calls which is the piss off. I'll happily sell the debt to a local debt collector, or report to VEDA through my work as a bad debt. Cheers, Steve
  6. https://online.transport.wa.gov.au/tso/selfservice/public/modification_permit.jsf
  7. You need to just prepay the fee, and they will complete the form when they inspect the vehicle for registration
  8. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nissan-Skyline-ER34-R34-front-fender-plastic-liners/293525091725?hash=item445775758d:g:~xYAAOSw9QVeaxoC WA importer.
  9. Also try Garage 7 in SA for inspecting old skylines, they know them inside out.
  10. Brand new in box 150a Advance High Efficiency Alternator to suit R33 or R34 RB25 & RB26. Should also suit similar vintage Stagea, but please confirm the part number (HE150-011S). May suit R32 as well but I believe you will need to change your alternator plug, or order an adaptor from Japan. With our crazy dollar at the moment these are $1,250+delivered. $800 plus $25 shipping Australia wide.
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