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  1. Update so far is that I pulled out the cluster this morning and decided to test the sensitivity of the speedo using a small screwdriver and found it was already jumping up to read around 70km/h with just a few light turns. Is this normal?
  2. Won't be too hard to for me to find a spare cluster somewhere to test in this case. Have reached that speed a few times but I don't think its been the case of it getting stuck there. It's like the gauge is super sensitive so whenever I'm starting from 0-60km/h it jumps up really quickly from 0-170km/h.. Yes it is only the speedo bit, everything else is working fine on my dash. I'm assuming the speedo is a traditional one just reading off the cable without any special stepping motor electronics in there?
  3. It tends to sit at 170 in this case and occasionally it will bounce around a little. Also the display speeds tend to vary a fair bit. One day it'll show me I'm doing 140 and the next day it will go completely off the clock even though I'm doing the same speeds. I think I will look into replacing the cable in this case. It would have also knocked my odometer out with a higher reading too. :-( Thanks
  4. BNR32 Speedo showing exaggerated speed Having an issue where my Speedo is showing that I'm going a lot faster than I'm actually going. For example if I'm doing around 70km/h it will read that I'm doing about 170km/h or sometimes it will read completely off the clock. This issue has been around for a while now where it was initially happening maybe 60% of the time and it is now occurring around 98% of the time. I've been having to rely on my PowerFC hand controller ever since.... Checked the Speedo cable at both ends and they appear to be fine and since it is clearly spinning still I'm wondering if there was something up with the actual dash cluster? I'm looking to replace it with another dash cluster for a test but could this issue relate more with the cable itself? Thanks!
  5. I'm having the exact same issue here as well and summer is coming up... Thanks I'll have a read too.
  6. Manifold leak I'm still investigating as it seems to run ok 90% of the time. Since its been getting warmer recently I've noticed it happening more often and I can sort of replicate it if I deliberately try to stall it where it will take over and try to keep the revs up. It will then start 'hunting' for up to 10-15 minutes afterwards. Cruising along at constant speed it will feel erratic during that time. I'm starting to count on the AFM's needing replacement in this case.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions there. I'll go down the CONSULT route for now and see what its telling me first. Sparkplugs I'm running are just NGK Platinums but I don't remember the gapping of it. But they are almost 2 years old now so may need to pull them and check. I changed the coilpacks a few years ago to Splitfires so I somehow doubt that would be it. :-/ Can't hear any hissing or vacuum leaks so far but will check further there but I haven't tried the WD40 with the intake manifold yet but if RPM rises for a bit is that a good sign?
  8. I've been reading through a bunch of threads with similar issues yet nothing that directly relates so far. If have a BNR32 GT-R and it's been a long cold winter here in Melbourne and the car felt like it was running fine and smooth the whole time. As there's been few warm days recently its been causing the car the run with rough idles and almost stalling at times. It will only happen if its on a warm day of more than 20 degrees. I've also noticed that the engine check light will flash at times and then be ok again but other than that car will boost ok and give off consistent power. So far I've read that it could be one of the vacuum lines in the plenum or the timing itself. My guess is that it could be the AFM's or sparkplugs. I am running stock AFM's with an ARC Airbox. I also took it to be Dyno tested to see if the issue could be replicated but they found nothing aside from it running slightly hotter than usual after load. I am running an aftermarket radiator as well. However it was fairly cold day so it may have been easily spotted. Was wondering if anyone else has had experiences with this and any suggestions would be appreciated!
  9. These are nice quality wheels and Gerz won't stuff you around and the price is extremely reasonable. You just can't seem to have enough rims do you buddy? lol.
  10. Nice rims! You change your mind again Gerald? Good luck with the sale!
  11. Cool thanks for that guys. I figured that would've been it too. And your right it was mainly happening in 5th gear. Its also tempted me to pick up a short shifter now.
  12. Hi, I have a BNR32 GTR and I was wondering if anyone has seen this before. For the past year of driving. I've noticed after driving on the highway for a little while, a light/medium amount of smoke/vapor starts pouring out of my gearbox boot. It's completely odourless and I've been worried it might be a seal or that the gearbox is on its way out. There's nothing wrong with the gearbox in terms of feel and it shifts just fine. But it tends to worry the passengers as it appears something is burning lol. I am having issues with my speedo at the moment where it occasionally shows exaggerated speeds. So I'm wondering if this relates.
  13. These are back up for sale. Price drop: $2000 for the whole lot. $1600 without Tires. Have pics now.
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