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  1. Has this car been in an accident? Its been written off? https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/465893-vic-1997-r33-40th-anniversary-gtst-midnight-purple-whole-car-for-sale/
  2. What can you do? PM if necessary - I couldnt PM you. Also please let me know location.
  3. Would you do just the turbo itself, and injectors and rail $150? Cheers, Mat.
  4. Super Dragger is the usual stepped style piping, 3.2" > 3.5" > 3.7". Its had the resonator removed.
  5. R32 fuel flap cable SOLD R32 LCAs SOLD SR20 Balancer SOLD
  6. R33 engine fan SOLD also have RB26 Rear turbo inlet duct $50 RB26 turbo water feed lines $50 RB26 Rear main housing $40 RB26 oil pickup $30 RB26 alternator adjusting bracket $30 R33 HKS Super Dragger modified $150 eveything nego
  7. ^^ Didnt check himself and therefore riggiddy-wrecked himself
  8. R33 S2 bumper SOLD Oil cooler SOLD Crossmember SOLD Also have R32 4 door master window switch assy $100
  9. Garage tidy, R, S and N parts Hi all, having a tidy up, few bits to clear out: R32 front xmember $50 R32/S13 front lcas $40 R32 4 door upper window trims $80 R32 fuel filler neck $30 R32 fuel boot release cable $75 R32 front strut brace $80 R33 S2 front bumper reo (cut in centre) $50 R33 S2 front bumper and fogs $450 R33 RHS drive shaft $50 R33 PS electric mirror (mint in white) $50 R33 S2 rear tail light garnish (in white) $50 R33 Clutch slave (No leaks) $50 R33 non abs factory hard lines $50 R33 air con condensor $100 R33 RB25DET intake pipe (stock) $50 R33 power steering reservoir $50 R33 engine undertray $75 R33 stock smic $50 R33 engine fan without clutch $30 R33 s1 ecu $50 R33 GTR ATESSA pump $100 R34 GTR starter motor $150 R33/33 GTR gearbox xmember $50 RB bov recirc pipe $30 RB/SR 'B' gearbox crossmember $50 RB26 turbo to block water feed pipes $50 SR20 RWD Powerbond 25% underdrive balancer $150 SR20 ignitor $30 180SX DS headlight frame and motor $30 180SX bonnet liner $30 180SX speedo surround no holes or cracks $80 N15 headlights pair $50 N15 sss grille blue $30 N15 sss 4 brake rotors healthy $50 Oil cooler and relo kit suit R32 GTSt but can go on any RB $300 LS2 MAF $100 Random catch cans $30 Random speedflow fittings $10 Located Lilydale or Campbellfield. Pics available on request. Cheers, Mat. o4oo 558 o3o
  10. 99% wouldn't appreciate the quality and flow/volume capability of the Racepace exhaust, and couldn't justify that money for an exhaust for their clapped out 33s. Its a limited market for what youre selling, at not much cheaper than new with flaky paint added.
  11. Any good brake shops can drill and tap the port out and install the olive on an ABS master.
  12. It was only the lip, no bumper, so don't feel so bad about it :-) R33s suck anyway..
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