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  1. Thanks mate, That will be really helpful!
  2. Yo Doods, I need some help. Does anyone know where i can get a hold of a R32 AUTO ECU to test and then buy if it fixes my problem? Or know where i can buy one? I've spent excess of $600 with workshops trying to fix it, but no-one has been able to yet. Cheers
  3. If anyone out there has one, could you please PM me. Ta
  4. Can anyone else help out? Haven't been able to drive my car for two weeks now. Sitting in the workshop, til i can find some coil packs.
  5. Cheers for the reply. Will send him a pm.
  6. Hi Guys, I need a set of coil packs to borrow for my car. If they fix my problem, i will buy them. Can anyone help out? Im in Perth
  7. Cheers mate. I'll give him a buzz
  8. Hey guys, Can anyone recommend a good auto elec that knows A/C and Imports? Apparently i've got a "strange" a/c problem that the auto-elecs i took it to can't work out. They wanted a wiring diagram n shit, which i now have. Cheers
  9. Time to part with ye `ol faithful. 1993 R32 GTST GunMetal Grey 2.0L 6cyl RB20DET Auto 94,000Km's Timing belt changed at 75,000 4 New Tyres ($1000 worth) Eagle F1s GDS-3 Pioneer CD Player Pioneer Bullet Splits Crossfire 6x9's Crossfire 400watt 4 Channel AMP Kakimoto Racing Exhaust Apexi Dual Funnel POD Filter Apexi PEN Auto Turbo Timer Chrome Autometer Pro Comp Boost gauge Versus Sesto Turismo (Rays) 17" Rims Oil changed every 5,000km's Had it since 65,000Km's. Only done Country Km's Perth $13,000
  10. If anyone has a working Climate control they would like to sell, please PM me.
  11. I did the diagnostic test. Everything comes back normal. I notice the compressor is kicking in aswell. Im guessing its something external. Erh, maybe the compressor its self or one of those pipes/valvues coming into the car?
  12. My climate control just stopped working. Well, it blows air, but it just isn't cold. So i thought it needed to be re-gassed. Took it to a mate who said gas is fine but a fuse had blown. However, he thinks the unit its self may be faulty or may need to be re-programmed. He knows how to do them on the Falcon's, but none of these "Import" cars!! Can anyone help me out here?
  13. Hi Pete, I've sent you a PM
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