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  1. breaking up the package now. so if there's something your interested in and you found it in the pics(or the list) let me know and we'll work something out thanks ben
  2. im not sure man, i can only talk from previous experience where i had a "chinese turbo" straped to a rb25. its boost cam on at about 4500rpm, however the t78-33d exhaust housing is smaller then the "chinese" one. so i'd dare say with slightly more capacity you probably would be look a littel earlier then 4500rpm hope that helps ben
  3. well, as you probably know prices in the aftermarket industry can vary quite a lot from 1200 bucks for a local set of forged pistons to 1700 for a set of tomei forged pistons. realisticly, unless you have very deep pockets you design the engine rebuild to suit your budget. which sometimes means hunting around for better prices. as to shipping, i had it priced up at approx 900 bucks to perth. i'd dare say it'll be a lot less then that since its not going to the other side of the country. but i can find out an exact price if your still interested. hope that helps ben
  4. not sure as to CODE 45. but it will be fine gtr, as long as you have the supportings mods to be able to produce this sort of power. i belive the turbo is rated at 700hp so 330kw seems quite realistic hope that helps ben
  5. i was hoping i could sell off the lot, just because i want it gone. but if you really really want the n1 water and oil pumps i suppose we could work something out
  6. hi, i have a rb25det block for sale. included is the block itself (which has been crack tested, found no cracks and also machined top), the head (head surface has also been machined) all valves, valve springs and retainers and one exhaust cam. also have the crank gurtel, sum and rear mains. along with this i have a n1 water pump and a n1 oil pump, which are valued at around $900 bucks for both. both block and head have been acid bathed, block was painted in blue (see pics) and both have been coated in anti-rust (which will just wash off). also included are the stock water and oil pump. have lots of other small bits and pieces. the block was originally going to be rebuilt with a 2.6 crank and oversized pistons. but have changed my mind, as i have already started a more "cost-effective" project. im looking to get $800 bucks, which i consider to be very cheap since you also get a brand new n1 water and oil pump. at this point im just looking to off load it. you can contact me on 0422 308 359, located in brisbane thanks for your time ben [attachmen =62018:attachment][att chment=62021:attachment]
  7. hi everyone i have for sale a T78-33D turbo. i bought it a while ago and was going to strap it onto my rb25det motor, but have since changed my mind and working on a more "cost-effective" project, i have no use for it anymore. i originally paid $1800 for it and am now looking to unload it for $1000. i've had the copressor housing polished up and it looks pretty good. the turbo is in good condition and i cant feel any shaft play what so ever. the v-band flange on the exhaust housing has been cut off by the previous owner, so the new dump pipe would have to be welded on. otherwise i've been quoted $20 bucks to weld another v-band flange on. so either way shouldnt be much of a hassel. thanks for your time ben
  8. i have to sell this quickly, price drop to $16'000
  9. Up for sale is this 1993 Nissan Skyline Gts25T mods include: G-Max Wheels rear: 18x9.5 with 265’s front: 18x8.5 Tein hight and rebound adjustable suspension Full 3inch custom exhaust with Magic Cat and twin Mufflers T04 turbo on X-Force highmount manifold Turbosmart 48mm Pro-Gate wastegate 100mm think Front Mount Inter Cooler Blitz blow off valve Sard fuel pressure Regulator Sard 550cc injectors Walbro 500 horsepower fuel pump Motec Enginge Management System Exceedy 5 puck clutch Pod air filter Oil catch can Thermo fan Bonnet vents Isotta Steering wheel DBA 4000series sloted disks alround with braided lines Braided fuel-line, blow-by, breather and radiator overflow hoses New chrome radiator overflow tank Gates Racing radiator hoses Viper 790VX Pager car alarm Customer fiberglass sub-box and amp racks as you can see there has been quite a bit of money spent on it. so i think $18000 would be a more then reasonable price. Pm me for more pics and any question give me a call on 0422 308 359 thanks ben
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