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  1. Hi I am looking for an r33 or r34 long motor, prefer long km, must be in good condition. Located Perth, but willing to pay for shipping PM and or reply in topic
  2. Hi, I have a problem with my front turbo on my r32 gtr. Back story, purchase a set of HKS GT-SS from japan when they arrive the seals where gone in the turbo's so i had a full rebuild done on both turbos, then about a year later, my trust airfilter fell apart and was stuck into the front turbo damaging the turbo wheel. Had the front turbo rebuild again. Now the front turbo is leaking oil from the housing, there is also a build up of oil in the intake pipe (photo attached), The car still runs fine, turbo boost fine and makes good power and there are no sounds coming from the turbo. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? One of the suggestion by my mech is that the turbo does not have the correct restrictor installed and therefore the turbo is getting too much oil (however he isn't 100% sure), the rear turbo does have a slight amount of oil on the housing but no where near the amount of the front turbo also the front turbo is leaking enough that it drips oil in my garage but the rear does not. From what i remember the turbo had the restrictor installed already in the turbo housing in the oil inlet. Is it possible that the restrictor wasn't put back after the turbo was rebuild the second time and if so would this cause the oil leak i am seeing? Any input or help would be greatful
  3. Hey, Looking for some help regarding wheel alignment setup for my r32 gtr track car. I know i will be limited due to still running street tyres atm (Advan AD08 255/40/17) Car is running the follow suspension gear: FRONT: Nismo circuit pro-link setup (replace all standard control arms) ARC adjustable swaybar Quantum Coilover with swift springs (10kg/mm) REAR: Ikea Formula Full rear suspension arms (fully adjustable) ARC adjustable swaybar Quantum Coilover with swift springs (8kg/mm) HICAS Removed I know i will be limited to adjustment at the front due to the nismo arms being fix, however could someone give me some spec of what i should be aiming for front and rear? My aim is to get -3 degree camber at the front and 4-5 degree of castor if the nismo arms allow it. However i am unsure on what toe to run front and rear and what camber on the rear? is -1.5 too much?
  4. Hey, I am about to do the 100,000km service on my R32 GTR, when i purchase the car the owner told me it had an engine swap from a R33 GTR. However all i have to go on was his word. Now i am looking at buying one of the Kits Kudos motorsport sell for the 100,000km service however i do not want to purchase the R33/R34 Kit only to find out i have an R32 Rb26. Is there any way i can check via the engine number? The engine came with N1 Turbo (which have now be replaced), i could check the ID plates on the old turbo to see if they are r32 or r33 N1 but i guess that is not 100% on what the engine is any help would be great Thanks Kaido
  5. Hi, I need to replace my clutch in my r32 gtr, I am getting myself a Nismo Twin Plate, however i am not sure which model. The car is a 1990 R32 GTR however it has an R33 GTR Engine my question is would the engine affect what type the clutch is pull or push? Cheers Kaido
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9qyugUOhl8&feature=related
  7. you can use the std r33 gts-t bonnet. i ran gtr front guards + risers + s3 gtr headlights with gts-t bonnet and front bumper i had to take a grinder to the bonnet to make it fit but its do able. Overall it was pretty missmatch but since it was a track car didnt really matter best pic i have
  8. yeah, 100% sure. when i 1st got them and using them in my previous track car they were making 350rwhp at 60-70% duty cycle (can't remember exactly). however they did sit around in the fuel rail doing nothing for a good year before they went onto the gtr so i would not be surprise if they are dirty.
  9. as mention my injectors need a clean, i had been using them for 2years in my previous track car before i put them into the gtr and they were bough second hand. When i had the car tune i wasn't interested in upping the power as i just wanted more seat time but since then the car hasn't been driven for almost a year and only recently have i started working on it again rebuilding the turbo 2x nothing wrong... 1st time was because they had done the bearings, second time my filter let go and destroy the wheel. I find the GT-SS laggy my previous track car was single turbo rb25 with similar power. Also doesn't help my other track car is an evo which has insane levels of responses i understand this but the car has spent more time sitting in my garage then driving if the sump was to come off i know it would soon turn into a very hardcore build which atm i want to try and keep as simple as possible. The car was already achieving good times at the track with n1 turbos and std ecu.. i just wanted something less laggy and more reliable hence i went with the gt-ss thanks will check them out
  10. nope. ideally i like to stay with the twin setup however, after rebuild them 2x now, and having issue with the std fittings i am just sick of the setup and working on it isn't the easies thing to do compare to a single I don't want to to push anymore than 400 maybe 450hp max because the car is predominately a race car and with the known oil issue in the rb engines i don't want to lean on the engine too much. i'm currently making 370rwhp @ 18psi with the gt-ss power is limited by my injectors (600cc @ 90% duty cycle, then need to be clean and flow tested) Also i do miss the gate, and the way a single makes power compare to twin setup... i find the gt-ss laggy
  11. hmm i was thinking 35R.. i wonder if its worth buying a t51r kit selling the turbo and just using a smaller garrett turbo
  12. Hi, Looking to do a swap from my HKS GT-SS setup to a Single on my GTR. Don't really want to fk around with having everything made up custom work etc what companies make off the shelf single kits for the rb26? I know HKS make the T51R kit but i think that is way to huge (looking for 400hp ish)
  13. mount for the timing module, they use at barbagallo
  14. lol no! he is talking about the r33 gtst shitter. the gtr hasn't been driven for 6months now almost... it is sitting there waiting for me to reinstall the front turbo after it ate my air filter plastic bits lol
  15. which GTR were you in the 32 or 33? i was in the red evo. was a good day and very nice weather
  16. haha thats the plan! hoping if everything goes well, we should be able to get it into SCRAWA by the end of the year, how is your 33 coming along?
  17. new race car very different to the r32 gtr, lot more low/mid range, shame the AYC wasn't working favour photo lol, couldn't get Name stickers made up in time, so we just went to spotlight and bought some letter stickers but they only had pink haha
  18. spotted 2 very nice GTR (33 and 32) at classic rally today. both super clean and sound amazing! BTW awesome work by the 32 on the last few stages getting it sideways around the tight handbrake cone
  19. Will give the mesh idea a go! My filter sit high for some reason so the bonnet does touch them.. so maybe the constant opening and closing didn't help aswell, might need to address that issue before i bolt the turbo back on
  20. hahaha nice! wasn't cheap! was watching it debating if i should bid or not
  21. thanks beer baron, yeah the failure was my fault; in that i bought the piping kit second hand and didnt check the filter before isntalling them. It was running fine for 2-3months but then the car was left for 3months (was on holiday), on my 1st drive and in less than 5mins the filter had destory itself and my turbo. Washer bottle needs to stay as it still hold rego to get me to and from the track and workshop. however i might look at something smaller. I think i might just go greddy filter again as if this isn't a common problem, then i should be ok.
  22. Hi, Through i throw this up, to get some input from fellow gtr racers. i recently had my turbo fail, due to my greddy air filter. The Greddy Filter is the design the following way Outside Mesh The Filter Filter Holder (mines the broken plastic holders) Filter + Holder Broken Plastic holders Where the broken bits should be What has happen is the plastic arms which are used to hold the filter in place (in the outside mesh), have broken off and were sucked into turbo number 1, damaging the turbo wheel Now i run the greddy filter as im using a greddy hard piping kit. The size of the greddy filter is small which is ideal because the space available is very small for me, the greddy filter just fit (in fact they touch the windscreen washer bottle). Now i am alittle bit worry about using the greddy filters again as i do not wish to rebuild my turbos again (this is the 2nd time within the space of less than 6months). I would ideally like to go back to running an airbox (was previous using an ARC box with the std piping) however the ARC box will not fit with the greddy piping kit. So i need a filter which is smallist in size and has the flange to bolt onto the std afm (running HKS AFMless pipe which have the afm flange on the filter side) What would people recommended i use/do? Cheers
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