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  1. dude those rims are sweet

  2. I just thought I would post in here, felt all nostalgic seeing all those old names in here. The young fella who bought my R33 4 door earlier this year is from toowoomba, think he goes to the uni up there. Someone spot it for me to i know he is looking after it!!!!
  3. More pics can be found here :- http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/private/details.aspx?R=10281567&postcode=4169&__Qpb=true&__Nf=p_GeoLocation_String|GCLT -27.47939,153.0414 25.7&__Ns=pCar_RankSort_Int32|1||pCar_PriceSort_Decimal|1||pCar_Make_String|0||pCar_Model_String|0&keywords=&__N=1216 1246 1247 1252 1282 4294963846 4294963593 4294799818&SearchAction=N&silo=1011&seot=1&distance=25&tsrc=allcarhome&__Nne=15&trecs=4&Cr=2&__sid=12CF0F82B14B
  4. Item Summary: 1997 R33 Series II GTS-T Sedan Location: QLD: Brisbane Condition: Used Reason for Selling: Not being used, buying a house Asking Price: $9950 Delivery Methods: PickUp Contact Info: PM Extra Information: I purchased this car in January 2006 with 96000kms on it, it now has 160000km. The first thing I did after purchase is get the major service completed with new timing belt, tensionors, water pump etc. The car since has been serviced every 5000kms using Motul oils. The car has been well looked after and has hardly been driven this last 2 yrs. For this reason I can't justify keeping the car any longer especially when I am looking to buy a home sometime in the near future. Unfortunately this luxury should go although I am not going to try too hard. I am sure there are many old time QLD Skylines Australia people who can vouch for this vehicle. The car drives very well with only a couple of interior squeaks expected of a car of this age. The car was completely resprayed 4 yrs ago after some kind soul vandalised it with a key. It has some stone chips on the front to be expected of a car that gets driven. The car has been tastefully modified to improve the quality of the drive not to increase HP. Below is the list of Modifications :- -BRIDE Reclinable bucket seats with custom rails -Nismo LM GT2 Rims, Fr17x8, R17x9 (completely reconditioned by Depulu in January) -Yokohama S-Drives 235/45 front (3000km old) -Federal 595S 255/40 rear (10000km old) -Bendix Ultimate Brake Pads front and rear (10000km old) -Slotted DBA 4000 series rotors up front (front and rear rotors machines 10000 km ago) -CES HPC coated front pipe and Hi-Flow metal CAT also from CES (replaced O2 sensor when fitting front pipe) -3" Kakimoto Cat back exhaust -50mm alloy radiator -10row oil cooler -Bilstien Shock front and rear with whiteline springs -Whiteline adjustable swaybars front and rear -Whiteline pineapples -Cusco adjustable rear camber arms -Cusco adjustable front Tension Rods -Cusco Tension Bar -Nsimo Strut Brace and Brake cylinder stopper. -Nismo GT Gear Knob - K&N Panel Filter -Cusco 1-Way Diff -R34 turbo (OP6 rear housing) I also have a set of factory type M side skirts and rear pods which I never got around to fitting to the car and also a full set of factory weather strips that go over the top of the windows which I also never got around to fitting. I am in not way rushed to sell this car, if it goes great but if it doesn't then great also. It has just been a little bit of a hassel storing it lately and any extra cash when getting a house deposit together would be handy but its not necessary. Basically what I am trying to say is I am negotiable but if you are going to try and beat me down to something ridiculous then don't bother. Its a quality car and if you want t quality car then don't offend me with a ridiculous offer. Cheers jlnewton
  5. Damn it! Would have loved to see that. Have to keep us updated on his efforts in Japan, will be interesting to see how he compares to the Japan drivers/workshops. . . . .
  6. Thanks for yet another awesome day. Shame you couldn't make it yourself John. Whenever you hold these events let me know, you know I will always be a starter!
  7. There are quite a few differences between the series 2 and series 1 R33 sedans. . . . . If you look under the bonnet and in the boot you will pick the difference straight away. The battery is back under the bonnet freeing up heaps of extra boot space. I have a 97 series 2 sedan and my ex has my old 96 series 2 sedan I don't think I will be out tonight, have to watch the lions game!
  8. Its certainly coming together. You have to be happy with the night time pics over the harbour, looks great. If I ever do another road trip to Sydney I might have to drop you a line and organise some pics.
  9. Its been a while since I have looked through here. . . . Nice clean car, that colour goes well on the 4 doors.
  10. Have added some more pics to show tyre wear. Am open to reasonable offers.
  11. Hi all, I am going in a different direction with my track days so my track rims are no longer necessary. They are Volk GTP rims, still have the all the original centre caps, 17x8", 17x9" 35 offset, 5x114.3. As you can see by the pics they are in very good condition, with only a couple of minor marks. Tyres are all 235/45 RE55s type SR, 3 of which are at 50-60% the other is virtually brand new, has only done one wet track day. I had to replace one due to picking up a bolt through the sidewall during some cool down laps in the QR parking area. Local pickup only unless you want to organise a courier yourself. I am chasing $1600
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