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  1. Plot twist, dealer cracked the shits with panel shop. An apologetic panel shop called me to organize to fix things properly including ordering a new interior panel to replace the footrest. Admitted they simply rushed the job. I am happy with that outcome as long as it all comes through and I don't have to drop the car there myself however the dealer already offered to pick up the MiTo and leave a loan car to get it done. So I think I can safely say that Ross at Auto Central Sales is a champion and I would definitely buy more cars from them.
  2. Dealer excellent, panelshop that does the repair work? Pretty shit really. This is all communicating directly with the owner. They are a Porsche specialist. Impossible to organize a loan car as they couldn't tell me when one would be in as if they had no idea. My dad kindly dropped off and picked up the car for me as he works much closer to the city than I do. Three things needed to be done: Respray bonnet, fix drivers footrest and passenger seat flip forward not releasing. What was actually done: Cables tightened up for the passenger seat, seems OK now. Bonnet touch ups sanded down a bit and then the bonnet polished by whom I can only assume was the work experience kid because it is swirled up something horrid and the drivers guard somehow has swirl marks like the orbital was dropped on it. Polish was left on all the edges, window washers and even the windscreen wipers. Footrest panel was sikaflexed in place and popped off under hard braking when I avoided hitting a wallaby. You can’t Sikaflex interior panels in when they have serviceable items under there – AC fan, condensation container and drain etc. Funny thing is they asked about getting rid of bad google reviews from cars they never had at the shop. I know two are from friends of the panel shop down the road but I guess they'll never get that information now. 🤐 Not resisting, bugger all difference in economy but Dynamic is how the engine should behave all the time.
  3. Best thing about this thread is talking to your boss at your desk for a bit then looking at your open tabs and seeing the "Spread Yo Cheeks" label. 😑 Good times.
  4. That is something the psychologist I have seen (govt subsidized sessions) has talked about, still having your own things and space in your life.
  5. Will investigate making the MiTo 1.4 MultiAir Turbo Benzina dose appropriately.
  6. Thanks for starting this thread. Hey, I resemble that remark That's definitely what I would describe as a spiraling secondary trigger to really get me in a shitty space Great to hear. I haven't put much information here for quite a while regarding my situation but having just had a pretty shit week or so this seems like a good idea. It was quite the decade for me personally. Got together and married my wife, had a great time. She got me to travel a tonne more than I ever had which was awesome. In 2016 our son was born, three weeks later on the second day of me being back at work my wife had a massive seizure and was rushed to Casey Hospital. They did tests over and over for brain damage (pull this, squeeze that etc) which she had no trouble with but should have given us a clue especially after a CAT scan - we were told she either had a massive stroke or had brain cancer and she needed to go to Monash Clayton. I didn't envy that Dr. having to deliver the news. MRI confirmed brain cancer of some form, initially thought to be astrocytoma but subsequent surgery which may have been unnecessary or at least no where near as required later revealed it is oligodendroglioma. A slow growing cancer, probably there from childhood. Unfortunately after the major surgery (awake craniotomy, not sure if I could have dealt with that) there was significant rehab, her left side has never been back to 100% but she powered through rehab like a champ. Being unable to care for our son the way she wanted caused her a lot of distress, still does in some ways as she is on four anti-convulsants but still has complex-partial seizures with each one it kicks the can of being allowed to drive 12 months down the road so she feels robbed of her freedom. So this can give me pretty significant things to be worried about and there are points where my anxiety and stress can be overwhelming. I think scanxiety with my wife going in for her regular MRI snuck up and pushed me into that shit spiral and I ended up having a panic attack at 2AM the other morning. The timing is important both because I have immense trouble getting back to sleep and sleep is very important for controlling seizures so waking my wife kills me. Jesus does that ruin you and it feeds into itself so well being unable to effectively care for my family being so absolutely exhausted there were times it felt like I couldn't move my limbs but then I can't sleep or eat. Getting back to it now and back at work today not feeling too bad, just tired. Seeing my GP today and organising some more sessions with a psychologist. Earlier in the last three years I was so focused on my family's care that I would ignore and push through pretty significant episodes which really has only made things worse. I wish I had the foresight to organise more professional support for myself earlier, I think not wanting to admit how f**ked things were was part of that. My family has been an incredible support network for me, couldn't do this without them. Work has been very understanding all along as well. So that is where I am at. All the plans we had sort of went on hold if not out the window in 2016. It cut a huge chunk of our income with my wife only being able to work one day a week instead of returning to work full time so that's another stress point. My son goes to pre-kindy this year so that's exciting, he's pretty pumped for it and he gets to stay at nana's and auntie's places pretty frequently and has a great time. So yeah, everyone has a bad time sometimes but these days there are services to help you out so you should give them all a go.
  7. Sexy engine bay. Every time I see a Scirroco "that's the best looking Golf I have ever..oh right it's a Scirroco"
  8. Really enjoyed reading this build, very nice work.
  9. Mauceri Motors are awesome and have given the MiTo a clean bill of health. Looks like I'll get ~600KM to a tank as well which is great.
  10. MiTo is down at Mauceri Motors for a major service including timing belt etc. The timing belt should have been changed almost 5 years ago (!) as it's a 120000KM or 4 years job. Not that it hasn't been running fine so far but I'd rather get preventative maintenance.
  11. Picked it up today, pretty happy with it. A very different place to be to the Volvo. Now to try and resist driving everywhere in Dynamic mode.
  12. Alfa Romeo are known for their reliability, right? I now have a MiTo, not joking. I looked at an Abarth 500, Citroen DS3 DStyle, DS4 DSport and ended up going with the MiTo because it was the cheapest with similar Ks and they were all fun. Oddly the DS3 was the most toy like, stupid fun to drive. Trying to convince my brother to get a DSport version. Also there appears to be at least one good used car dealer however I will reserve judgment until all our dealings are complete but so far he has Agreed on a trade in for the Volvo sight unseen. Stayed late on a weekend so I could test drive a few of their cars with my wife while he and my dad entertained our 3yo. Put respraying the bonnet in writing if stone chip touch-ups were not satisfactory. Offered to move his Dr appointment so I could take delivery late in the day. Was dissatisfied with how the bonnet came up but wanted me to have the MiTo for a couple of weeks to find any issues I might have so they can be resolved all at once.
  13. I was looking at this But I bought this I got tired of the Volvo's finicky AC and tractor like qualities (and 230000KM). From a Swedish tractor to an Italian sewing machine. Cheap, should be OK to run once I do the timing belt so the engine doesn't explode. Pretty great experience with the dealer I ended up going with, they are going to respray the bonnet as they weren't happy with how a couple of stone chips turned out after touch-ups but wanted me to take the car for a couple of weeks to make sure if there are any issues they can fix them all at once while a have a loan car. Used car salesman wanting to actually fix things, mind blown.
  14. I saw more Ferrari / Lambo type cars in Nagoya than anywhere else I have been in Japan I think. Did you go to Shirakawago from Takayama? I stayed in the place with the onsen style baths on the roof near the station in Takayama which must be finished with it's huge upgrade by now? There was a mass of construction starting when I was there about 18 months ago. It was a funny little town. Kanazawa sounds a bit like Kusatsu in the off-season, full of Tokyo weekenders but about 4 white people. I only got to go through Kanazawa unfortunately, when going from Nagano to Kyoto. I think my next Japan trip will exclude central Japan, I have been around there enough times for a while.
  15. I did end up getting new bushes for the front end. Whiteline kit including their P1 platform "anti-lift" kit. Much better drive now, even better that I managed to get the Whiteline bushes for wholesale direct from Whiteline. I do miss the driving feel of the A8 though, more leathery goodness and effortless power. The undertray had enough and detached itself from it's front mount points while driving - exciting times. Completely due to the shitty nylon stoppers and deep thread (what's the right word for that?) screws they use in conjunction with dirt roads. Just got chunkier screws for now, a temp fix and then I'll get a more robust aluminium or steel plate made up.
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