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  1. one of the most tragic things i have ever known to happen R.I.P.
  2. yeh put me down for now, will take the day off ... dunno if I will head the opp direction to meet u at macca's tho... msn me the way you are heading there
  3. nice car you should bring it down I have driven in my car to QLD and back twice, all I collected was bug guts only tricky part of the journey is a couple turns and round abouts at a place starting with "B" damn it can't remember.. all I know is on the way up, it's the last 24 hour servo area for about 125ks long drive all up tho.. hope you wouldn't be driving down on your own
  4. I was just organising one for a mate coming up from SA... now I don't have to, we'll come to this ! :coffee:
  5. anything non factory supplied is as far as I am aware is defectable eg. fibreglass copy evo bonnet - defectable genuine aluminium evo bonnet- ok altho I have never heard of anyone getting a defect for one YET
  6. pics are here http://groups.msn.com/DavidsToyotaSeca/gre...linscruise.msnw - (3 pages) and http://ribfeast.no-ip.com/hot4scruise/ and http://community.webshots.com/album/86055960KJBlWF - (2 pages) http://community.webshots.com/album/86057174lghxmE - (2 pages) http://community.webshots.com/album/86058770CQUFhN - (1 page) also http://www.mscpix.com/
  7. I get all my stuff from fibresports coz it's top quality http://www.fibresports.com.au e-mail me if u want prices misgsr@yahoo.com.au
  8. nah I just like cruises where I'm the fastest car :shake:
  9. correct PS I have put on the GSR_evo group so we should all be coming along also see y'all 9.15am Sunday at P6 !
  10. spewing really wanted to go to this, but no chance I am missing Logic ! HAPPY2BHARDCORE2 ! sweeet..
  11. you are correct, nothing has changedon the other hand, I got my CF bonnet from carmate also, top blokes really helpful.. even tho they said they had one in stock and didn't and I had to wait 2 weeks (box was labelled CF and it was fibreglass) it's top quality.. They import most of their stuff. - negatory
  12. I have organised a big GSR_Evo cruise for that day, can the date be changed???????
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